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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} kontrol et
(Askeri) overol
revizyondan geçirmek
büyük bakım
elden geçirmek
{i} kontrol
geç/kontrol et
yetişip geçmek
gereken onarımı yapmak için elden geçirmek
{i} tamir
{f} -i revizyondan geçirmek, -i gözden geçirerek gereken tamirleri/değişiklikleri yapmak
(Askeri) REVİZYONDAN GEÇİRMEK; BÜTÜN TAMİR: Bir maddenin bakım ve hizmet standartlarında belirtildiği gibi yeniden hizmete girebilecek şekilde yenilenmesi. Ayrıca bakınız: " rebuild", "repair"
(İnşaat) revizyon
{i} elden geçirme
{i} gözden geçirme
artık taşıma
tamir etmek
revize etmek

Başkan emeklilikleri revize etmek için koalisyon ortaklarını ikna etmeye çalıştı. - The Prime Minister tried to convince his coalition partners to overhaul pensions.

(Askeri) bütün tamir
overhaul and rebuilt
(Askeri) REVİZYON YENİLEŞTİRME: Bak. "rebuilt"
overhaul kit
bakım kiti
overhaul stand
tamir tezgahı
overhaul weld
tamir kaynağı
elden geçirme
engine overhaul
motor revizyonu, motor yenileme
interim overhaul
(Askeri) geçici revizyon
interim overhaul
(Askeri) GEÇİCİ REVİZYON: Bir tersane veya üslenmiş diğer faaliyet merkezinde, normal olarak, planlanmış nizami revizyon devresi ortasında lüzumlu onarım ve acil tadilat için sağlanmış bir imkan
tamir edilmiş
partial overhaul
kısmi overhol
partial overhaul
kısmi revizyon
to overhaul
revizyondan geçirmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
To pass, overtake, or travel past

In theory there was a runner ahead of him who would pause to sleep. Who would falter and fall. Who would despair at the size of the desert. Because Logan did none of these he would overhaul the runner and kill him.

To modernize, repair, renovate, or revise completely
A major repair, remake, renovation, or revision

The engine required a complete overhaul to run properly.

make repairs or adjustments to; "You should overhaul your car engine
If you overhaul a system or method, you examine it carefully and make many changes in it in order to improve it. The government said it wanted to overhaul the employment training scheme to make it cost effective Overhaul is also a noun. The study says there must be a complete overhaul of air traffic control systems
periodic maintenance on a car or machine; "it was time for an overhaul on the tractor"
{v} to turn over and examin, to loosen, to gain upon or overtake
An examination and cleanup operation It includes finding and extinguishing hidden fire and hot embers and determining whether the fire has extended to other parts of the ship
A strict examination with a view to correction or repairs
A major repair, renovation, or revision
Operations after a fire is completely extinguished Overhaul includes pulling down ceilings and cutting holes in walls to make sure that there is no concealed fire still burning It also involves removal of contents from the fire building, both to protect them from further damage and to ensure that they are not still burning A related operation is Salvage This involves removing or covering furniture, clothing and other property while the fire is in progress Salvage operations prevent smoke and water damage to building contents (see Protectives)
To extensively inspect and repair a system or component
To gain upon in a chase; to overtake
make repairs or adjustments to; "You should overhaul your car engine"
The disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair or replacement of parts or components, reassembly, and test of end item and/or components(s) as directed by the applicable technical manuals and other directives, to return the end item to a serviceable condition
If a piece of equipment is overhauled, it is cleaned, checked thoroughly, and repaired if necessary. They had ensured the plumbing was overhauled a year ago Our car was towed away to have its suspension overhauled. = service Overhaul is also a noun. the overhaul of aero engines
To haul or drag over; hence, to turn over for examination; to inspect; to examine thoroughly with a view to corrections or repairs
travel past; "The sports car passed all the trucks"
{i} renovation; overall repair; general inspection for defects before repair
periodic maintenance on a car or machine; "it was time for an overhaul on the tractor" make repairs or adjustments to; "You should overhaul your car engine
To gain on another boat
An overhaul is generally described as repairing a vehicle for further uninterrupted, reliable, and safe use This will include inspecting all systems for repair or replacement, both on the truck, and on any mounted equipment
To pull slack into a tackle so there is no strain on any of its parts
{f} renovate; make overall repairs; examine for defects before making repairs; overtake, catch up with
a comprehensive examination and restoration of an asset to an acceptable condition P P-F Interval - a term used in Reliability Centered Maintenance The time from when a Potential Failure can first be detected on an asset or component using a selected Predictive Maintenance task, until the asset or component has failed Reliability Centered Maintenance principles state that the frequency with which a Predictive Maintenance task should be performed is determined solely by the P-F Interval
plural form of overhaul

My car engine has had two overhauls.

An overall
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of overhaul
{n} a turning over for examination
complete overhaul
complete renewal, extensive renovation, extensive reconstruction
interim overhaul
an overhaul between the regular times for overhauling
past of overhaul
present participle of overhaul
A strict examination with a view to correction or repairs
third-person singular of overhaul
plural of , overhaul