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İngilizce - Türkçe
büyüdükçe giysileri küçük gelmek
{f} sığmamak
-den daha çabuk büyümek
için fazla büyümüş olmak
{f} küçük gelmek: The child has outgrown his clothes. Giysileri çocuğa artık küçük geliyor
{f} küçük gelmek
{f} bırakmak (alışkanlık)
fazla büyü
{f} büyümek
{f} (out.grew, --n)
zamanla bırakmak veya vaz gecmek
{f} (büyüyünce) -den vazgeçmek
{f} geçmek
daha çabuk büyümek
fazla büyü
fazla büyü
İngilizce - İngilizce
To become too big or mature for some purpose

Poor boys often have to wear whatever a big brother has outgrown.

To grow faster or taller than something or someone else

The best adapted plant varieties tend to outgrow the other.

To leave some object, habit, belief ... behind, no longer need or use it, as one grows
{v} to surpass or exceed in growth
To grow out of or away from; to grow too large, or too aged, for; as, to outgrow clothing; to outgrow usefulness; to outgrow an infirmity
If you outgrow a particular way of behaving or thinking, you change and become more mature, so that you no longer behave or think in that way. The girl may or may not outgrow her interest in fashion. = grow out of
grow too large for
To become too big for something
{f} abandon a habit; be weaned of a habit; grow so much as to be unable fit into old clothing; grow faster than
grow too large or too mature for; "I have outgrown these clothes" grow faster than
To surpass in growing; to grow more than
To leave something (object, habit, belief) behind as one grows
grow faster than
If a child outgrows a piece of clothing, they grow bigger, so that it no longer fits them. She outgrew her clothes so rapidly that Patsy was always having to buy new ones. = grow out of
grow too large or too mature for; "I have outgrown these clothes"
past tense of outgrow
third-person singular of outgrow
past participle of outgrow
third-person singular of outgrow