ortalama rakamda anlaşma

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Türkçe - İngilizce
The cleavage of a covalent bond
The action of the verb to split
A division in the mind, or affecting one's sense of self

In other words, something troubling, such as being discovered in the toilets in a shaming way, can be both remembered and also pushed to the periphery of consciousness, a process that psychotherapists refer to as ‘splitting’.

resembling the sound of something being split or ripped
Involves dissociating positive and negative aspect of oneself and others, and compartmentalizing them into "all good" or "all bad" images People who use splitting see themselves and others in black-and-white terms, dividing the world into "good guys" and "bad guys " Term also used when a resident asks one staff person for something, then goes to another staff person if answer is not what he or she wanted
See: Repartitioning
A straight cut dividing a part made as a single piece
{s} causing to split; cleaving; separating; very loud, deafening; very fast; extremely painful
A microfiber thread, as seen in a cloth, or which comes from the spool in manufacturing, is woven from 72 single threads After the cloth has been woven each of these 72 threads are split 16 times through a chemical process (72 x 16 = 1152) Therefore, each thread is actually made up of 1152 individual fibers Picture of splitting
{i} act of splitting, cleaving, separating, dividing
to divide stock in order to lower its price so that more people will invest in it In a two-to-one split, 100 shares of $70 per-share stock become 200 shares of $35 per-share stock In a three-to-one split, 90 shares at $60 a share become 270 shares at $30 a share
The breaking open of an undercoat or topcoat into long cracks resembling the look of a "dry river bottom"
Dividing a crypto key into two separate keys so that an attacker can not reconstruct the actual crypto key even if one of the split keys is intercepted
A RealSystem feature that enables you to split and route the audio signal from one RealAudio Server to several other RealServers located at different strategic points across the Internet By allowing users to connect to the closest RealServer, you ensure better quality and performance
present participle of split
A splitting headache is a very severe and painful one. splitting headache a very bad headache
ortalama rakamda anlaşma