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İngilizce - Türkçe
Bir grup ya da sisteme katılmaya karar vermek
İngilizce - İngilizce
To choose to participate in something
If you can opt in to something, you are able to choose to be part of an agreement or system. He proposed that only those countries which were willing and able should opt in to phase three He didn't exactly opt out because he never opted in
Of a selection, the property of having to choose explicitly to join or permit something; a decision having the default option being exclusion or avoidance; used particularly with regard to mailing lists and advertisement

They set up an opt-in mailing list, so that those who wanted the notices could subscribe.

Opt-in is where a customer has given active affirmation that s/he is content to receive communication services (or marketer messages)
The voluntary process by which an electric generator not affected by the Title IV (acid rain) provisions of the CAAA of 1990 may choose to become affected and therefore subject to sulfur dioxide emission limitations
The recipient is given the option of choosing to be on a mailing list Recipients have to take a specific action to be added to the list (check a box, offer an email address, click a submit button, etc )
The option giving consumer complete control over the collection and dissemination of his/her personal information A site that provides this option is stating that it will not gather or track Personally Identifiable Information about consumer unless consumer knowingly provides such information and consents to the collection and use of such information The company must have consumer's permission prior to collecting or using the Information
A policy for giving permission under which the user explicitly permits the Web site operator to either collect the information, use it in a specified manner and/or share it with others when such use or disclosure to third parties is unrelated to the purpose for which the information was collected (See also "opt-out")
Statement by an individual that they are willing to receive sales and marketing communications; opportunity provided by a company to allow the above
An email marketing term in which the email recipient has specifically requested receiving email related to a specific topic of interest
Email marketing term whereby the recipient specifically requests receiving promotional emails related to a specific topic of interest
Where an individual deliberately requests to join a service or receive more information
The people subscribed to a mailing list have asked to receive the information or advertising (Double Op-In means the person requesting information must confirm their desire to receive it by responding to an email message after subscribing )
An approach to e-mail marketing in which customers must explicitly request to be included in an e-mail campaign or newsletter
When a consumer chooses to receive messages on a certain topic
When a person gives explicit permission for a company to use personal information for marketing purposes
A term popular in news groups and e-mail You can opt-in to receive e-mails on a certain subject For example, by establishing an opt-in on your Web site, you can send customers an e-mail when you have a sale
An ad campaign targeted to individuals who have requested to receive offers and information on specific products or services
Requesting the Web surfer's permission before an Internet site collects any data on that individual's online activities or before sending any communications to that individual
opt in

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    äpt în


    /ˈäpt ən/ /ˈɑːpt ɪn/


    [ 'äpt ] (intransitive verb.) 1877. From opt + in.

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