no problem

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İngilizce - Türkçe
sorun değil

Ben yapabilirim, sorun değil. - I can do it, no problem.

Söylediğim gibi, sorun değil. - Like I said, no problem.

problem yok

Aramızda hiçbir problem yok. - Between us there is no problem.

hiç problem değil
(kıs.) Notary public
(kıs.) No place. Meselâ bir kitap basıldığı yeri göstermiyorsa
no place kitap basıldığı yeri göstermiyor
İngilizce - İngilizce
certainly (said when granting a request)

Porter, can you help me with my bags? — No problem, sir.

easy; not difficult, not posing problems

Finding this house should be no problem if we use a good map.

no thanks (or apology) is necessary (said in response to an expression of gratitude or regret)

I'm sorry. — No problem.

no big deal, no trouble, no difficulty; that's fine
no problemo
no probs

If you are peaceful, chances are there'll be no probs—but ya never know. If you are practicing nonviolent civil disobedience and expect to be arrested.

no prob

Sure, no prob, she snickered. That is if you wouldn't mind calling me Mrs. W.

no problem