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O bir tost makinesi, bir kahve makinesi, bir yumurta pişirici ve bir el mikseri satın aldı. - She bought a toaster, a coffeemaker, an egg cooker and a hand mixer.

karıştırıcı alet
(Tekstil) çalkalama makinesi
(Sinema) bileştirici
(Sinema) bileştirme aygıtı
herkesle hemen kaynaşıveren kimse
sokulgan kimse
dili tanımadıkları ile rahatça konuşabilen kimse
karıştırıcı şey veya kimse
elektrikli yemek karıştırıcısı
{i} sosyal kimse
{i} tanışma toplantısı
dili tarnıştırma toplantısı
mixer device
(Bilgisayar) karıştırıcı aygıt
mixer for
(Bilgisayar) için karıştırıcı
mixer trucks
beton karıştırıcı
mixer console
reji masası
mixer console
yönetim masası
mixer console
reji masası, yönetim masası
mixer tap
mikser dokunun
mixer tube
mikser tübü, karıştırma tübü
mixer battery
(İnşaat) musluk bataryası
mixer controls
(Bilgisayar) karıştırıcı denetimi
mixer devices
(Bilgisayar) karıştırıcı aygıtlar
mixer driver
Karıştırıcı Sürücüsü
mixer driver
mikser makinisti
mixer drum
karıştırıcı tamburu
mixer drum
mikser tamburu
mixer input
(Bilgisayar) karıştırıcı girişi
mixer tube
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) karıştırma tüpü
mixer tube
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) mikser tüpü
mixer tube
karıştırıcı tübü
cement mixer
cement mixer
beton karıştırıcı
cement mixer
concrete mixer
concrete mixer
(İnşaat,Teknik) betoniyer
mortar mixer
(İnşaat) harç mikseri
mortar mixer
(İnşaat) harç karıştırıcı
record mixer
(Bilgisayar) kayıt karıştırıcı
transit mixer
(İnşaat) transmikser
truck mixer
(İnşaat) transmikser
tumbling mixer
(Tıp) tamburlu karıştıcı
asphalt mixer
asfalt karıştırıcısı
balanced mixer
dengeli karıştırıcı
cement mixer
çimento karıştırıcısı
concrete mixer
beton karıştırıcı
concrete mixer
concrete mixer
continuous mixer
kesintisiz çalışan karıştırıcı
crystal mixer
kristal karıştırıcı
diode mixer
diyotlu karıştırıcı
double cone mixer
çift konili karıştırıcı
electric mixer
cement mixer
çimento mikseri
concrete mixer
çimento arabası
concrete mixer
beton mikser
good mixer
iyi mikser
hand mixer
El tipi mikser
mixing console
karıştırma masası, bileştirme masası, seslendirme masası
planetary mixer
Dikey karıştırıcı
raw sugar mixer
ham şeker maysesi
truck mixer
kamyona monte edilmiş betoniyer
vortex mixer
vorteks mikser
a good mixer
sokulgan kimse
a good mixer
sosyal kimse
audio mixer
(Sinema) bileştirme masası
batch mixer
continuous mixer
kesintisiz karıştırıcı
drum mixer
tamburlu karıştırıcı
flash mixer
hızlı mikser
forced circulation mixer
(İnşaat) tahrikli sirkülasyon
group mixer
(Elektrik, Elektronik) grup karıştırıcısı
gum mastic mixer
sakız mikseri
horizontal mixer
yatay karıştırıcı
mixing console
seslendirme masası
mixing console
karıştırma masası
mixing console
bileştirme masası
mobile mixer
gezer karıştırıcı
mono mixer
(Bilgisayar) mono karıştırıcı
mortar mixer machine
(İnşaat) harç karıştırma makinesi
size mixer
(Tekstil) haşıl karıştırıcı
sound mixer
seslendirme masası
sound mixer
karıştırma masası
spiral flow mixer
(Madencilik) helezon akış ölçer
tilting mixer
(İnşaat) devirmeli betoniyer
turbula mixer
(Nükleer Bilimler) çok mafsallı karıştırıcı
vision mixer
resim seçici
İngilizce - İngilizce
A non-alcoholic drink (such as lemonade, Coca-Cola or fruit juice) that is added to spirits to make cocktails

Do we have any mixers? I don't want to drink this vodka neat.

mixing console
A machine outfitted with (typically blunt) blades with which it mixes or beats ingredients in a bowl below
A nolinear circuit that produces an output at the sum and difference frequencies of an applied fixed or variable oscillator called the LO, and the RF input signal of interest (see Heterodyne)
The central part of most studio and live sound set-ups The mixer is used to combine and manipulate various audio and digital signals
A device that combines two or more audio signals
Ball with action causing the pins to bounce around
A device in which two or more input signals are combined to give a single output signal In satellite communication systems, it is a non-linear device used to generate a replica of an input signal at a higher or lower frequency by multiplying the input signal by a pure tone of a different frequency (the "local oscillator" signal) Usually part of a frequency conversion process For example, an LNB local oscillator signal at 10 6 GHz mixed with incoming signal at 12 GHz would convert the input signal to an IF frequency of 12 -10 6 = 1 4 GHz
electronic equipment that mixes two or more input signals to give a single output signal
club soda or fruit juice used to mix with alcohol
If you say that someone is a good mixer, you mean that they are good at talking to people and making friends. Cooper was a good mixer, he was popular
- A device used to mix gases for better combustion It is necessary when using most neon burners and torches to produce a flame hot enough to melt glass
{i} one or something which mixes; party for introducing people (Slang)
The non-alcoholic drink (such as lemonade, Coca-Cola or fruit juice) that is added to spirits to make cocktails
A mixer is a non-alcoholic drink such as fruit juice that you mix with strong alcohol such as gin
blender (machine)
A device in which audio signals can be manipulated, enhanced and directed to other destinations, singly or together; also, someone who operates a mixer
1) A console, or other device that blends audio signals into composite signals and has a small number of outputs 2) A section on a console that does this function 3) In Europe, a fader 4) An engineer or technician who mixes, especially a live sound mix at a performance
a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity
The circuit or component in a superhet receiver where the oscillator signal is combined with the incoming carrier signal
An intermediate system that receives RTP packets from one or more sources, possibly changes the data format, combines the packets in some manner and then forwards a new RTP packet Since the timing among multiple input sources will not generally be synchronized, the mixer will make timing adjustments among the streams and generate its own timing for the combined stream Thus, all data packets originating from a mixer will be identified as having the mixer as their synchronization source
A device that adds two or more audio signals together
A way of controlling two servos at one time with the flip of a switch on your transmitter Example: Larger models may wish to have the ailerons and rudder move at the same time to insure better stability and smoother control of the model So, a mixer switching device would allow the two surfaces to be controlled on one stick, instead of two Transmitters without mixing capabilities can still mix servo control by using a "Y" harness to connect to servos into one channel
The piece of equipment that takes the different sources of audio and blends them together to get a final sound from all sources of sound at once
A mixer is a piece of equipment that is used to make changes to recorded music or film. a three channel audio mixer
An electronic device that permits the combining of a number of inputs into one or more outputs Mixers commonly provide a variety of controls - tone, volume, balance and effects - for each "channel " See: Board, Console
A device for summing two or more electrical signals In general audio usage, a device to control and sum the outputs of two or more microphones In wireless microphones, the receiver circuit which mixes the RF signal with the local oscillator signal to obtain the IF output
  A nonlinear circuit or device that accepts as its input two different frequencies and presents at its output (a) a signal equal in frequency to the sum of the frequencies of the input signals, (b) a signal equal in frequency to the difference between the frequencies of the input signals, and, if they are not filtered out, (c) the original input frequencies
A ball with a lot of action
A person who has social intercourse with others of many sorts; a person viewed as to his casual sociability; commonly used with some characterizing adjective; as, a good mixer; a bad mixer
A device that connects and routes all the input and output signals from one component to another Mixing boards also have signal-processing capabilities such as equalization and reverb Mixers save you from the hassle of patching together different pieces of equipment for common, day-to-day studio tasks
a recording device that allows several different audio sources to be combined Provides independent control over each signal's loudness and stereo position
A light pocket hit that scatters the pins resulting in a strike A ball with a lot of action
a device that will "mix" the input signals together producing the two original signals and their sum and difference frequencies
A desk comprising a number of input channels where each sound source is provided with its own control channel through which sound signals are routed into two or more outputs Many mixing desks can also change the quality of the sound (see Equalization) A Powered Mixer has an amplifier built into it Sound sources of varying levels are accepted which can be amplified if necessary (See Line Level, Gain) NOISE GATE : A piece of sound processing equipment that reduces background noise by muting a sound signal when it falls below a certain level, restoring it when the level increases again Must be used on vocal microphones with care, because it may cut the signal off, although the vocalist is still singing quietly Also known as an Expander
The critical element of a radio detection system which allows the incoming wave to be combined with the reference frequency from the local oscillator Usually a diode
a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods
a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods electronic equipment that mixes two or more input signals to give a single output signal club soda or fruit juice used to mix with alcohol
A device which utilizes its non-linear characteristics to provide frequency conversions from one frequency to another This may be from a relatively high frequency to an intermediate frequency (IF) In this case it is known as a down-mixer Or it may be from a lower frequency to a higher frequency, the carrier frequency, for example In this case it is known as an upmixer
A mixer is a machine used for mixing things together. an electric mixer. see also cement mixer, food mixer
One who, or that which, mixes
An audio or video processor that combines two or more source signals in an output signal Separate controls typically permit tone and volume control over the contribution of each source signal to achieve an optimum tone balance
mixer tap
a tap which both hot and cold water come through together
vortex mixer
A piece of laboratory equipment used to mix the contents of small tubes of liquids by means of rapid oscillation
vortex mixer
A vortex mixer is a simple device used commonly in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. It consists of an electric motor with the drive shaft oriented vertically and attached to a cupped rubber piece mounted slightly off-center. As the motor runs the rubber piece oscillates rapidly in a circular motion. When a test tube or other appropriate container is pressed into the rubber cup (or touched to its edge) the motion is transmitted to the liquid inside and a vortex is created. Most vortex mixers have variable speed settings and can be set to run continuously, or to run only when downward pressure is applied to the rubber piece
bad mixer
person who does not interact well with other people
cement mixer
a machine with a large revolving drum in which cement is mixed with other materials to make concrete
cement mixer
A cement mixer is a machine with a large revolving container into which builders put cement, sand, and water in order to make concrete. A machine, often mounted on a truck, having a revolving drum in which cement, sand, gravel, and water are combined into concrete. a machine with a round drum that turns around, into which you put cement, sand, and water to make concrete
cement mixer
large truck with a spinning tank used to mix and carry concrete
concrete mixer
{i} large truck with a rotating canister used to store and mix concrete
concrete mixer
a machine with a large revolving drum in which cement is mixed with other materials to make concrete
concrete mixer
a cement mixer
electric mixer
a food mixer powered by an electric motor
electric mixer
electric egg-beater or juice-mixer
food mixer
A food mixer is a piece of electrical equipment that is used to mix food such as cake mixture
good mixer
friendly person, person who related well to other people
hand held kitchen implement for mixing ingredients
sound mixer
A sound mixer is a person who works in a recording studio or for a radio or television company, and whose job it is to alter and balance the levels of different sounds as they are recorded. = sound engineer
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beton karıştırıcı concrete mixer, cement mixer
(a machine)



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