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İngilizce - İngilizce
A unit of volume, in the Imperial and U.S. customary systems, 1/60 fluid drachm. Approximately equal to 1 drop, 62 μL or 0.9 grain (weight) of water
A half note, drawn as a semibreve with a stem
{n} a dwarf, small being, note, letter
A time note, formerly the shortest in use; a half note, equal to half a semibreve, or two quarter notes or crotchets
{i} smallest unit of liquid measure, 1/60 of fluid dram, drop; half-note, musical note equal to half of a semibreve (Music); very small quantity
One of an austere order of mendicant hermits or friars founded in the 15th century by St
A small fish; a minnow
Francis of Paola
Anything very minute; as, the minims of existence; applied to animalcula; and the like
A little man or being; a dwarf
A short poetical encomium
The smallest liquid measure, equal to about one drop; the sixtieth part of a fluid drachm
059194 cubic centimeters
A minim is a musical note that has a time value equal to two crotchets or two quarter notes. a musical note that continues for the length of two crotchets American Equivalent: half note (minimus, from ; MINIMUM)
a United States liquid unit equal to 1/60 fluidram a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 1/60th fluid dram or 0
minim rest
A symbol used in musical notation drawn as a solid rectangle directly above the middle line of a staff whose height is half the distance between lines
minim rest
A minim rest is a pause or interval of silence equal in duration to two quarter rests or one half of a whole rest. In common or 4/4 time, its duration is two beats
minim rests
plural form of minim rest
A minim