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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Politika, Siyaset) hami
(Ticaret) önder
(Ticaret) öğretici öğretmen
danışmanlık yapmak
akıl hocası

Tom'un iyi bir akıl hocası vardı. - Tom had a good mentor.

Tom Mary'nin akıl hocası. - Tom is Mary's mentor.

(Mitoloji) Alkimos'un oğlu. Odyseus'un sadık dostu. Athena Mentor'un kılığına girip Telemakhos'a öğüt verirdi
akıllı ve güvenilir öğretmen veya kılavuz
{i} danışman

Tom Mary'nin danışmanıydı. - Tom was Mary's mentor.

Tom, Mary'nin danışmanı oldu. - Tom became Mary's mentor.

yol gösterici

Tom'un iyi bir rehberi vardı. - Tom had a good mentor.

(Politika, Siyaset) mentor
mentor system
(Ticaret) usta-çırak ilişkisi
öncül, kaptan
İngilizce - İngilizce
Odysseus's trusted counselor. He was assigned the responsibility to raise Odysseus's son Telemachus, while Odysseus was away fighting in Troy
A wise and trusted counselor or teacher
To act as someone's mentor
a wise and faithful teacher, guide, and friend
a SLSA member recognized as an aid to an Intern who wishes to become accredited (not necessarily the Intern’s direct employment supervisor)
Old friend of Odysseus; adviser to Telemakhos; disguise of Athena
A person who gives advice and help
{i} spiritual instructor, adviser, counselor, wise man; one who guides and teaches
A peer who provides career support and guidance on an ongoing basis
Mentor Graphics, Inc (PER*)
To mentor someone means to give them help and advice over a period of time, especially help and advice related to their job. He had mentored scores of younger doctors. + mentoring men·tor·ing the company's mentoring programme. an experienced person who advises and helps a less experienced person (Mentor, adviser of Odysseus's son Telemachus in the ancient Greek Odyssey by Homer)
A person at a higher level within a company or within your profession who counsels you and helps guide your career Some organizations have formal mentoring systems, while most informal mentoring relationships develop over time A mentor relationship is one where the outcome of the relationship is expected to benefit all parties in the relationship for personal growth, career development, lifestyle enhancement, spiritual fulfillment, goal achievement, and other areas mutually designated by the mentor and partner
A teacher, someone with experience assisting another with less knowledge usually in a one-on-one manner
A lawyer who assumes responsibility for the teaching and guidance of a new lawyer or summer associate
A wise and trusted counselor
Experienced and trusted adviser
a wise and trusted guide and advisor serve as a teacher or trusted counselor; "The famous professor mentored him during his years in graduate school"; "She is a fine lecturer but she doesn't like mentoring
{f} act as a mentor to a person; guide and teach another person
A close personal contact, usually in your industry who has a network of contacts in the investment community and can assist a person in achieving their objectives
Odysseuss trusted counselor
an individual who guides, counsels, and develops another person within the organization
Person allocated to support and advise
A wise and trusted advisor Three mentoring roles can exist in a work context: mainstream mentor - someone who acts as a guide, adviser and counselor at various stages in someone's career destined for a senior position professional qualification mentor - someone required by a professional association to be appointed to guide a student through a program of study, leading to a professional qualification vocational qualification mentor; someone appointed to guide a candidate through a program of development and the accumulation of evidence to prove competence to a standard NOTE: A coach is generally not a mentor, except to another coach, or someone within their field of experience A coach is outside the workplace boundaries, specializing in people and the encouragement of personal and professional achievement and goal realization
To serve as a mentor
Person who acts as an adviser to a learner, especially used in placement education Sometimes referred to as a preceptor, clinical educator, clinical supervisor, fieldwork educator, fieldwork supervisor, lecturer practitioner or community practice teacher
The provision of support by an experienced professional to promote the development of new or less experienced persons Topic areas: Staff Development and Organizational Capacity, Volunteer Management, Operations Management and Leadership
An individual possessing expert knowledge, skill, or experience who is assigned to provide practical support and advice to an individual seeking to develop his or her own abilities in a field or profession
A wise and faithful counselor or monitor
serve as a teacher or trusted counselor; "The famous professor mentored him during his years in graduate school"; "She is a fine lecturer but she doesn't like mentoring"
A person's mentor is someone who gives them help and advice over a period of time, especially help and advice related to their job
A member assigned to help guide a specific exploring member through the process leading to full membership
A Mentor uses The Mentor Center, receives training and education programs, as well as participates in Investrio's income producing programs A Mentor is also a "wise and faithful counselor," someone who assists others with training, education and product understanding When a Customer upgrades to Mentor status they also receive the Investing 101 Kit, the Mentor Business Kit, and a Business Center Customers upgrade to Mentor status by paying the applicable fee
A guide, a wise and faithful counsellor; so called from Mentor, a friend of Ulysses, whose form Minerva assumed when she accompanied Telemachos in his search for his father (Fénelon: Télémaque )
A business, usually large, or other organization that has created a specialized program to advance strategic relationships with small businesses
- A mentor is an individual who works with a teaching staff member during the induction process
(p 341) An experienced employee who supervises, coaches, and guides lower-level employees by introducing them to the right people and generally being their organizational sponsor
an experienced classroom teacher selected by a local school system and meeting the local criteria for that status
a wise and trusted guide and advisor
A member of staff or pupil who is assigned to a colleague or another pupil and has agreed to act as a first point of reference, consult and, adviser and friend in relation to a particular purpose
state of being a mentor
Richard Mentor Johnson
born 1780, near Louisville, Va., U.S. died Nov. 19, 1850, Frankfort, Ky. U.S. politician. He practiced law in Kentucky before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (1807-19, 1829-37). As a colonel in the War of 1812, he was wounded in the Battle of the Thames, where he reputedly killed Tecumseh. He returned to his congressional seat and later was elected to the Senate (1819-29). He was a loyal supporter of Pres. Andrew Jackson, who chose him as Martin Van Buren's running mate in the 1836 election. None of the four vice-presidential candidates won an electoral-vote majority, and the outcome was decided by the Senate, the only such occurrence in U.S. history. Johnson served one term in the office
Under the control of a mentor
past of mentor
The ability to affirm, to equip, and to support other Christians in spiritual formation and Christian ministry
means a student learns from an individual who guides and provides a model
Developmental activities carried out by more seasoned employees to help those who are learning the ropes
A type of training in which experienced Help Desk or Support Center agents guide and teach novice agents
The one-on-one sharing of practical, accumulated knowledge, often between a member of upper management to a person in training in the same department or organization See also: Coaching, Tutor Topic areas: Staff Development and Organizational Capacity, Volunteer Management, Operations Management and Leadership
Pairing a student with an employee over an extended period of time during which the employee helps the student master certain skills and knowledge the employee possesses The employee also models appropriate workplace behavior, challenges the student to perform well, and assesses the student's performance Mentoring may be combined with other work-based learning activities, such as internships or on-the-job training
a form of teaching that includes walking alongside the person you are teaching and inviting him or her to learn from your example
an intervention by a trusted and experienced professional or fellow student who has direct interest in the development or education of a less experienced individual
present participle of mentor
Providing support to a newer and/or less experienced colleague for whom you have no line management responsibilities Introduced in the United States to formalise informal support and legitimise support to someone who is not in a line management relationship The term is currently unique to English because the word 'supervision' in French or German also covers relationships between people who are not in line management supervision
Mentoring is a workplace partnership between two people which gives employees the opportunity to share their professional and personal skills and experiences, and to grow and develop in the process It is based upon encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share Typically, mentoring takes place between a more experienced and a less experienced employee (Office of Director of Equal Opportunity in Employment, Sydney 1997)
An instructional strategystudents select (with assistance from teachers or parents, as applicable) an adult from the local community who uses dance in the workplace or in her or his daily life Students maintain ongoing contact with their mentors, preferably over several years, using them as resource people with whom they share and discuss fine arts concepts and skills and their application in the real world Where possible, mentors should be representative of the diversity of students and of the community (e g , diverse cultures, both genders)
Establishing a mentoring component in leadership education programs
{i} act of providing guidance and support to another (usually younger or less-skilled) person
-a form of teaching that includes walking alongside the person you are teaching and inviting him or her to learn from your example
A career development process in which less experienced workers are matched with more experienced workers for guidance Mentoring can occur either through formal programs or informally as required and may be delivered in-person or by using various media
Mentoring describes a learning relationship, usually between two individuals where the mentor has either experience or expertise in a particular area and provides information, advice, support, and feedback to the mentoree A mentoring relationship need not be set up formally to be effective however many organisations are realising the value and potential of mentoring as a professional development strategy
a system where people with a lot of experience, knowledge etc advise and help other people at work or young people preparing for work
Mentoring is an educational process where the mentor serves as a role model, trusted counselor or teacher who provides opportunities for professional development, growth and support to less experienced individuals in career planning or employment settings Individuals recieve information, encouragement and advice as they plan their careers
A school-based program matching students one-on-one with adult role models from business and the community for guidance and support A student application is required
"a form of teaching that includes walking alongside the person you are teaching and inviting him or her to learn from your example" (Garrison 1999, 60)
A school Site Mentor is defined in the Act as, "professional employed at a school who is designated as the advocate for a particular student, and who works in consultation with classroom teachers, counselors, related service personnel, and the employer of the student to design and monitor the progress of the School-to-Work Opportunist program of the student " A Workplace Mentor is defined in the Act as, "an employee or other individual, approved by the employer at a workplace, who possesses the skills and knowledge to be mastered by a student, and who instructs the student, critiques and the performance of the student, challenges the student to perform well, and works in consultation with classroom teachers and the employer of the student "
plural of mentor
third-person singular of mentor
Role models for youth Mentors understand the world of work and have proven to be valued workers concerned about their customers and fellow employees
an individual that guides students in their work by offering hints, feedback, reminders, and redirection while at the same time allowing students to take complete responsibility for their own learning; a mentor focuses on providing facilitation to the learning process rather than telling students what they should know
Mentorship is a formal, long-term relationship between a student and a professional role model who provides support and encouragement to the student The mentor assists the student in learning specific skills and/or provides experiences for the student to explore career interests
1 The fourth Phase of living
A relationship in which the older, more experienced person contributes directly to the growth and development of the younger person In this case it is the relationship between a member of a business, non-profit or community based organization and an individual student Like internships, mentorships are frequently selected on the basis of a student's desired future professional destination
– A cooperative arrangement between a student and a professional adult for the purpose of sharing common interests in a particular skill, knowledge, or career orientation
a cooperative arrangement between a student and a professional adult for the purpose of sharing common interests in a particular skill, knowledge or career orientation
Türkçe - İngilizce
(Politika, Siyaset) mentor