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İngilizce - İngilizce
A loadstone
A way or path; a road
A vein of metallic ore that lies within definite boundaries, or within a fissure
A rich source of supply
a somewhat continuous unstratified metal- bearing vein
A mineral deposit in solid rock London fix - The twice-daily bidding session held by five dealing companies to set the gold price There are also daily London fixes to set the prices of other precious metals London Metals Exchange - A major bidding market for base metals, which operates daily in London
A vein of larger than normal proportions, although it is frequently used synonymously with vein to describe a body of ore
A water course or way; a reach of water
A clearly defined vein of rich ore The principal vein in a region was called the "mother lode "
Deposits in which ores have been emplaced into rock formations where they occur in veins
{i} vein of metal ore
Veins that contain valuable minerals are referred to as "lodes" Gold, in hardrock form, (lode) is commonly associated with quartz veins that protrude through the general country rock which makes up the earth's crust Lodes are the original source of placer gold deposits
an amount of ore (=metal in its natural form) found in a layer between stones mother lode
a deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks
A metallic vein; any regular vein or course, whether metallic or not
Mineralized rock lying within boundaries clearly separating it from the neighboring rock and extending longitudinally in a continuous zone or belt In mining law, and in popular usage in the Western States, it is synonymous with "ledge" and "vein "
Lode Star
An alternative name for Polaris. Probably so called, because Polaris is the most useful lodestar on the northern sky
mother lode
Any source of valuable or useful material

It is also letting them probe the genomes of other organisms for DNA that could turn out to be a mother lode for medicine.

mother lode
A large or rich vein of gold or of another precious mineral from which other branches extend

Undeterred, reasoning from the coarseness of the gold that it had not traveled far, they had set out in search of the mother lode.

Alternative form of mother lode
A lode
Comstock Lode
A rich vein of gold and silver discovered in 1859 at Virginia City in western Nevada. Because of wasteful mining techniques, it was largely abandoned by 1898
Mother Lode Country
Former gold-rush belt, Sierra Nevada foothills, central California, U.S. It was about 150 mi (240 km) long but only a few miles wide. The gold rush was sparked by the 1848 discovery of placer gold on John Sutter's property. The term mother lode evolved from the miners' concept of one main quartz vein with subsidiary offshoot veins. Exhaustion of the main gold streaks and a government-enforced price structure for gold caused mining operations to cease there in the 1930s. The area is dotted with scores of ghost camps and old mining towns
plural of lode
mother lode
the main vein of ore in a deposit

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    /ˈlōd/ /ˈloʊd/


    [ 'lOd ] (noun.) before 12th century. Graphical variant of load, now restricted to certain specific senses.


    ... And then the one that really started being the mother lode ...

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