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İngilizce - Türkçe
sınırlı sayıda
sınırlı baskı
sayılı baskı
İngilizce - İngilizce
An edition that has a maximum number of prints determined prior to printing The prints are numbered in succession Example: 25/100 refers to the print number 25 out of an edition of 100
Any reproduction whose run is limited to a fixed number of copies, often signed and numbered
An edition created from printing many images from one master from which a predetermined number of prints are produced Normally, the pieces are numbered in succession as a fraction: the top number identifying the print in the series and the bottom number indicating the size of the entire edition (how many images were printed) Thus, the inscription 102/300 reveals that there were 300 prints issued in the edition, and the current one is number 102
A book whose publication is restricted in number Limited editions are typically signed and numbered by the author and have a colophon indicating the total number of books printed Limited editions whose print runs are short (1,000 or less) are considered more desirable and lower numbered volumes of a limited run are generally more desirable than their higher numbered volumes
A printing which is limited to a stated number Often inscribed with the author's signature and a sequence number
A piece scheduled for a predetermined production quantity
As applied to fine art photographs, the term "limited edition" is usually understood to mean a stated number of prints of an image in a particular size and in a particular format When no additional photographic prints in any size or format will be made from a particular negative, that concept is usually communicated by a phrase such as "the negative has been retired" because negatives are rarely destroyed
the issue of something collectible, such as prints, limited to certain number quantity of numbered copies The first number indicates the number of the piece; the second number indicates the total quantity in the edition i e 123/200
an edition which is limited to a certain number of copies, that number given somewhere in the text Often signed by author
An edition or set of prints of a known number of impressions, usually fewer than 200, numbered and signed
An edition of an image with a set number of copies made; limit is usually enforced by destroying the materials used to create the copies
a set of prints of a known number, usually not more than 200 that are signed by the artist and numbered
The size of a limited edition is determined in advance by the publisher Each print in the edition is signed by the artist and then individually numbered (s/n)
Identical prints of the same edition, numbered in sequence (or other marks) to denote limited production A stated maximum number of printed copies or impressions
an edition that is restricted to a specific number of copies
A limited edition is one whose size is determined in advance by the publisher Each print in the edition is signed by the artist and then individually numbered (s/n)
an edition limited to a stated number of copies, usually numbered by hand, and sometimes also signed
the size of the edition is limited to a set (usually small) number of copies
Often you will see a doll being touted as a Limited Edition What this means is that the original doll design has been used to create a mold and identical dolls are being created They are often set in a predetermined number and once that number of creation has been reached the molds are generally broken in order to guarantee that the limited edition has been met and will not be created again
A specified and limited quantity of books, often numbered and frequently signed by the author to top
Print or Reproduction A limited edition is one whose size is determined in advance by the artist or publisher hence limited The limited editions are a set of identical prints Each print in the edition is signed by the artist and then individually numbered (s/n) The number of the print is example 50/500 The 50 designates the print number over the entire edition size of 500
A limited edition print is one in which a limit is placed on the number of impressions pulled in order to create a scarcity of the print Limited editions are usually numbered and are often signed Limited editions are a relatively recent development, dating from the late nineteenth century Earlier prints were limited in the number of their impressions solely by market demand or by the maximum number that could be printed by the medium used The inherent physical limitations of the print media and the relatively small size of the pre-twentieth century print market meant that non-limited edition prints from before the late nineteenth century were in fact quite limited in number even though not intentionally so German printmaker Adam von Bartsch, in his 1821 Anleitung zur Kupferstichkunde, estimated the maximum number of quality impressions it was possible to pull using different print media
A special printing of a book, sometimes in a special case and/or signed by the author, available in a limited quantity
A limited edition is a work of art, such as a book which is only produced in very small numbers, so that each one will be valuable in the future. An edition, as of a book or print, restricted to a specified number of copies. a small number of special copies of a book, picture etc which are produced at one time only
a lighthouse with production limited to a specific quantity and, in a few cases, to the number of orders received within a set time frame (such as Collectors Society Exclusives)
A set of identical prints that are numbered in succession and signed by the artist The artist also sets the total number of prints (making them "limited") and supervises the printing process All additional prints are destroyed
n 1 A reproduction of an original work of art that is signed and sequentially numbered by the artist The total number of prints is fixed by the artist or publisher Limited editions can be offset reproductions, digital prints, serigraphs, original lithographs, etc