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İngilizce - İngilizce
A dismissal of employees from their jobs because of tightened budgetary constraints or work shortage (not due to poor performance or misconduct)
In football, a ball that has been rolled in front of another player for them to kick
A period of time when someone is unavailable for work
Separation from a permanent position because of lack of work or lack of funds, or because the position has been abolished or reclassified, or because an employee has exhausted all leave privileges after illness or injury
A separation of a permanent employee from the service of the University necessitated by the lack of work or the lack of funds Layoffs should be for short periods of time, no longer than one year, with the expectation of reemployment
The separation of an employee from service to the judicial branch because of lack of work, lack of funds, reorganization
A temporary or permanent dissolution of the employment relationship due to any causal factor (economic slowdown, technological change, reorganization, etc )
Used in the context of general equities Eliminate all or part of a position by finding customers or other dealers to take them
Separation of an employee from a position to which he or she was appointed as a result of abolition of a position, lack of work, or lack of funds; the employee may have recall rights for a certain period of time under certain conditions
{i} act of discharging workers (especially temporarily); period when one is not employed, period of forced inactivity
For other than performance or wrongdoing, an employee is no longer on the payroll of a business A layoff is usually the result of a downturn in the economy, lower profit margins, or a paring down of business operations
the act of laying off an employee or a work force
A layoff is a period of time in which people do not work or take part in their normal activities, often because they are resting or are injured. They both made full recoveries after lengthy injury layoffs
When there are layoffs in a company, workers are told by their employers to leave their job, usually because there is no more work for them in the company. It will close more than 200 stores nationwide resulting in the layoffs of an estimated 2,000 employees
Reduction in workforce because of lack of work, curtailment of funds, reorganization or other reasons that are not for cause
Workforce reduction of a permanent or semi-permanent nature
Involuntary separation of an employee due to discontinuation of a job or department, reduction-in-force, reallocation of funds, reduction in work hours, lack of work, reorganization of the department, or other circumstances that do not necessarily reflect negatively on the employee's performance
The separation of persons from an employer as part of a mass layoff event (See below ) Such layoffs involve both persons subject to recall and those who are terminated by the establishment
A person who is unemployed but expects to be called back to a specific job If he/she expects to be called back within 30 days, it is considered a temporary layoff; otherwise, it is an indefinite layoff
layoff survivor syndrome
'Layoff Survivor Syndrome' is a condition coined by experts to describe the anxiety, depression, fear and sometimes physical illness that employees feel as a result of the implementation of layoffs at organizations
plural of layoff