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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} çamaşırhane

Elbiselerinin geriye kalanını çamaşırhaneye koydum. - I put the rest of your clothes in the laundry.

O çamaşırhaneye gitti ve henüz dönmedi. - She went to the laundry and has not returned yet.


Elbiselerinin geriye kalanını çamaşırhaneye koydum. - I put the rest of your clothes in the laundry.

Tom bugün bir sürü çamaşır yıkadı. - Tom did a lot of laundry today.


Tom'un Mary'yi çamaşırlarını onun için yıkaması konusunda ikna edebilmesi mümkündür. - It's possible that Tom was able to convince Mary to do his laundry for him.

Çamaşırları almam lâzım. - I need to pick up the laundry.

{i} çamaşırhane (ticari kuruluş)
{i} çamaşır, kirli çamaşır
(Askeri) ÇAMAŞIR: Yıkamak üzere çamaşırhaneye gönderilen kirli çamaşırlar
(Tekstil) çamaşırhane; kirli çamaşır
kirli çamaşır/çamaşırhane
kirli çamaşırlar
çamaşır yıkama
laundry hanger
laundry plant
laundry room
laundry service
çamaşırhane hizmeti
laundry blue
çamaşır çividi
laundry cart
çamaşır arabası
laundry chute
çamaşır bacası
laundry detergent
çamaşır deterjanı
laundry bag
Kirli çamaşır sepeti
laundry basket
çamaşır sepeti
laundry basket
Kirli çamaşır sepeti
laundry cart
çamaşır sepeti
laundry hamper
Kirli Çamaşır sepeti
laundry hanger
çamaşır seti
laundry machine
çamaşır makinesi
laundry soap
çamaşır sabunu
laundry chute
çamaşırlık sütü
laundry list
uzun liste
laundry room
(evde) çamaşırlık, çamaşırhane
laundry soap
çamaşır deterjanı
laundry stick
laundry treatment
(Tekstil) çamaşırhanede yıkama
dirty laundry basket
Kirli çamaşır sepeti
commercial laundry
(Tekstil) çamaşırhane
hang out the laundry
çamaşır asmak
do the laundry
Çamaşır yıkamak
in the laundry
are there laundry facilities on site
kamp alanında çamaşırhane var mı
dirty laundry
(Argo) kişinin hataları
do the laundry
çamaşırları yıkamak
does the hotel have a laundry service
otelinizin çamaşırhanesi var mı
full service laundry
full servis çamaşırhane
guest laundry
otel çamaşırı
guest laundry
misafir çamaşırı
guest laundry
(Turizm) müşteri çamaşırhanesi
hotel laundry
(Turizm) otel çamaşırhanesi
iron (clothes/laundry etc)
çamaşır ütülemek
post laundry
self service laundry
selfservis çamaşırhane
where is the nearest laundry service
en yakın çamaşırhane nerede
would you please send these clothes to the laundry
bu çamaşırları yıkamaya gönderir misiniz
wring laundry
çamaşır sıkmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
A place or room where laundering is done - including, by extension, other forms of laundering than clothes washing
A laundering; a washing
That which needs to be, is being, or has been laundered

You've left your dirty laundry all over the house.

{n} a room to wash or iron clothes in
n Soft articles of material that are chewable(aids in teething); when fresh out of the dryer are exceptionally cuddly Contributed by Bernadette Clark
to wash your dirty laundry in public: see dirty
A laundry or a laundry room is a room in a house, hotel, or institution where clothes, sheets, and towels are washed. He worked in the laundry at Oxford prison
workplace where clothes are washed and ironed garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering
That which needs to be laundered
Laundry is used to refer to clothes, sheets, and towels that are about to be washed, are being washed, or have just been washed. I'll do your laundry He'd put his dirty laundry in the clothes basket. = washing
workplace where clothes are washed and ironed
{i} garments and linen that have been or are to be laundered; place in a home where clothes are washed; commercial establishment which launders garments and linens
Left Little Little bit Tasbin Lissar Saghir Shweeya
A place or room where laundering is done
n [clothes which need to be washed] cucian (cuci)
garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering
A laundry is a firm that washes and irons clothes, sheets, and towels for people. We had to have the washing done at the laundry
laundry basket
A container, often made of plastic, for holding and transporting clothing and household textiles, especially before and after being laundered
laundry baskets
plural form of laundry basket
laundry chute
A vertical shaft in a building down which dirty clothes and linens can be dropped, to land in a laundry area on a lower floor
laundry list
Originally, a list of articles of clothing that had been sent to be laundered

Learn how to make out a laundry list and to check it when the laundry comes home.

laundry list
A long and often tedious list of items

Among the laundry list of inconveniences most of us can't abide: cold coffee, airport delays, the high price of gasoline.

laundry lists
plural form of laundry list
laundry mark
An identifying marking, usually in coded form and handwritten in indelible ink on an inconspicuous area of a garment, widely used until the mid-20th century as an organizing aid by merchants who cleaned and pressed clothing

Some of the numbers I remember had become useless information until the computer age brought forth the frequent necessity of thinking up passwords. . . . hen at least one letter is required, I type in my army laundry mark, which is my last initial and the final four digits of my serial number.

Alternative spelling of laundry mark
laundry basket
clothes hamper: a hamper that holds dirty clothes to be washed or wet clothes to be dried
laundry cart
handcart for moving a load of laundry
laundry detergent
any of various detergents designed for use in a washing machine for clothing
laundry list
If you describe something as a laundry list of things, you mean that it is a long list of them. a laundry list of reasons why shareholders should reject the bid. An item-by-item enumeration. a list of a lot of different things
laundry room
room containing washing machines and dryers, room where people wash their clothing
laundry service
business that performs various laundry services for a fee (such as washing, ironing, etc.)
laundry soap
detergent used to wash clothing
laundry truck
van that picks up and delivers laundry; "a laundry truck stops by every week
dirty laundry
Unflattering facts or questionable activities that one wants to remain secret, but which some other may use to blackmail with

If you don't tell me why you did it, I'll air all your dirty laundry to your boss.

dirty laundry
Laundry that is unclean or soiled

If you bring your dirty laundry round on Saturday, I'll wash it for you.

dirty laundry
A clothes hamper or other container used to place unclean or soiled laundry in

Place your dirty clothes in the dirty laundry.

dirty laundry
Personal affairs that could cause embarrassment or distress if made public: Let's not air our dirty laundry in front of our guests. Also called dirty linen
plural of laundry



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    /ˈlôndrē/ /ˈlɔːndriː/


    [ lon-drE, län- ] (noun.) 14th century. From Old French lavanderie. See launder.


    ... laundry lists of chronic health conditions. ...
    ... choices, often from this laundry list of things that ...

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