kaza alanı

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Türkçe - İngilizce
An emblem, badge or device, used as a distinguishing mark by the body of retainers of a royal or noble house
{n} judicial notice, knowledge, jurisdiction
range of what one can know or understand; "beyond my ken"
Recollection; recognition
A form of defense in the action of replevin, by which the defendant insists that the goods were lawfully taken, as a distress, by defendant, acting as servant for another
range or scope of what is perceived
{i} awareness, perceptiveness, recognition (also cognisance)
An acknowledgment of a fine of lands and tenements or confession of a thing done
Apprehension by the understanding; perception; observation
Cognizance is knowledge or understanding. the teacher's developing cognizance of the child's intellectual activity
Jurisdiction, or the power given by law to hear and decide controversies
Notice or awareness
having knowledge of; "he had no awareness of his mistakes"; "his sudden consciousness of the problem he faced"; "their intelligence and general knowingness was impressive"
cog·ni·zance in BRIT, also use cognisance1. If you take cognizance of something, you take notice of it or acknowledge it. The government failed to take cognisance of their protest. = acknowledge
The distinguishing mark worn by an armed knight, usually upon the helmet, and by his retainers and followers: Hence, in general, a badge worn by a retainer or dependent, to indicate the person or party to which he belonged; a token by which a thing may be known
The hearing a matter judicially
range or scope of what is perceived range of what one can know or understand; "beyond my ken
kaza alanı