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İngilizce - İngilizce
born 1440, Varanasi, Jaunpur, India died 1518, Maghar Indian mystic and poet. A weaver who lived in Benares, he preached the essential oneness of all religions and was critical of both Hinduism and Islam for meaningless rites and mindless repetition. From Hinduism he accepted the ideas of reincarnation and the law of karma but rejected idolatry, asceticism, and the caste system. From Islam he accepted the idea of one God and the equality of all men. Revered by both Hindus and Muslims, he is also considered a forerunner of Sikhism, and some of his poetry was incorporated into the Adi Granth. His ideas led to the founding of several sects, including the Kabir Panth, which regards Kabir as its principal guru or as a divinity
{i} family name; (1440-1518) Indaian mystic and poet who was a Hindu religious reformer
A late-fifteenth- and early-sixteenth-century Indian poet, was considered one of the great mystical poets in the tradition of Sufism
An Indian mystic and poet (c 1440 - 1518), Kabir is revered by both Muslims and Hindus His poetry, beautiful and powerful, addresses God as both the all-pervading spirit in all and transcending all, and as the soul's eternal beloved known only by pure love One book of his work is The Kabir Book by Robert Bly We have it, and like it; but it has received mixed reviews by others
poet-saint of northern India, who lived in the 15th century A D aud who, in his devotional songs, dwelt on the essential oneness of the Godhead and the harmony between Hinduism and Islam
Abu Kabir Forensic Institute
major pathology institute in Israel
forensic medicine institute in Abu-Kabir
place in which autopsies take place in Israel
Türkçe - Türkçe
Mezar, gömüt
Mezar, sin: "Ve serin serviler altında kalan kabrinde / Her seher bir gül açar, her gece bir bülbül öter."- Y. K. Beyatlı
Mezar, sin
(Osmanlı Dönemi) REYM
(Hukuk) Mezar, büyük, yaşlı
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Büyük, ulu
kabir azabı
İslâm inancına göre öldükten sonra çekilen azap
kabir suali
İslâm inancına göre öldükten sonra sorulan soru
kabir suali
Uzun ve bıktırıcı soru