joint groove

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(İnşaat) derz oyuğu
tongue-and-groove joint
lamba ve zıvana
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groove-joint pliers
Tongue-and-groove pliers, also known as water pump pliers, adjustable pliers, groove-joint pliers,Multi-Grips, and Channellocks, are a type of slip-joint pliers. They have serrated jaws generally set 45– to 60-degrees from the handles. The lower jaw can be moved to a number of positions by sliding along a tracking section under the upper jaw. An advantage of this design is that the pliers can adjust to a number of sizes without the distance in the handle growing wider. These pliers often have long handles for increased leverage
tongue and groove joint
a mortise joint made by fitting a projection on the edge of one board into a matching groove on another board
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zıvana lambalı geçme tongue-and-groove joint
joint groove