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İngilizce - İngilizce
Interoperable Object Reference The reference is specificated in the two parts GIOP and IIOP
Interoperable Object Reference
Interoperable Object Reference - a data structure specified in the OMG CORBA
Inter Orb Reference
IOR stands for Interoperable Object Reference It is a data structure associated with a CORBA object that contains enough information to locate that object from anywhere on the network IOR is often used informally to mean stringified IOR
Oracle v5 DBA utility for starting and stopping databases IOR was later replaced by sqldba in V6 and sqlplus in Oracle8i IOR INIT - Initialises a new Oracle database for the first time IOR WARM - Warm start an Oracle database IOR SHUT - closes down an Oracle database IOR CLEAR - Like the modern "SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE"
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1 intelligent office repeater 2 interoperable object reference
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