catherine wheel

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İngilizce - İngilizce
A firework that rotates when lit
The image of a breaking wheel, or wheel with spikes on it

Sorcerers are too common; cunning men, wizards, and white witches have commonly St. Catherine's wheel printed in the roof of their mouth, or in some other part about them .

A breaking wheel

She only lied to the boy to keep him from hurt, and for her sin her intestines were pulled from her on a Catherine wheel.

A Catherine wheel is a firework in the shape of a circle which spins round and round. a round flat firework that spins around as it burns (Saint Catherine of Alexandria (4th century), who was sentenced to be killed on a wheel)
instrument of torture used in the Middle Ages
Called also Catherine-wheel window
A revolving piece of fireworks resembling in form the window of the same name
Same as Rose window and Wheel window
circular-shaped firework; spins round and round
Catherine wheels
plural form of Catherine wheel
catherine wheel


    Cath·er·ine wheel

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    käthrîn hwil


    /ˈkaᴛʜrən ˈhwēl/ /ˈkæθrɪn ˈhwiːl/

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