listen to the pronunciation of inventive
İngilizce - İngilizce
creative, or skilful at inventing
of, or relating to invention
quick at contrivance
An inventive person is good at inventing things or has clever and original ideas. It inspired me to be more inventive with my own cooking. = creative + inventiveness in·ven·tive·ness He has surprised us before with his inventiveness. able to think of new, different, or interesting ideas = creative
Able and apt to invent; quick at contrivance; ready at expedients; as, an inventive head or genius
(used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action; "an imaginative use of material"; "the invention of the knitting frame by another ingenious English clergyman"- Lewis Mumford; "an ingenious device"; "had an inventive turn of mind"; "inventive ceramics"
{s} apt at inventing, creative; characterized by invention; new, original
inventive thinking
creative thought, imaginative or original thinking, clever thought
In an inverted order or manner; in an inverse ratio or proportion
The quality of being inventive; the faculty of inventing
{a} quick contrivance, ready, keen
while showing ability to devise, while exhibiting inventive ability; creatively, resourcefully
in an inventive manner; "Picasso's liberated shapes and excitingly applied and inventively combined colours
{i} imaginativeness; creativeness; skill of inventing or creating
the power of creative imagination