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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Carefree, nonchalant, indifferent; casually unconcerned

Jack Nicholson . . . turned to an assistant, bummed a cigarette, flashed one of his wolfish, insouciant grins and said, We all have our little secrets, Seany..

carefree; nonchalant; indifferent; casually unconcerned
{s} complacent, lacking of concern, indifferent
Careless; heedless; indifferent; unconcerned
An insouciant action or quality shows someone's lack of concern about something which they might be expected to take more seriously. Programme-makers seem irresponsibly insouciant about churning out violence. = nonchalant
marked by blithe unconcern; "an ability to interest casual students"; "showed a casual disregard for cold weather"; "an utterly insouciant financial policy"; "an elegantly insouciant manner"; "drove his car with nonchalant abandon"; "was polite in a teasing nonchalant manner"
In an insouciant manner