içirip sarhoş etmek

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Türkçe - İngilizce
First in excellence, quality, or value

This is a prime location for a bookstore.

Six consecutive blocks, which prevent the opponent's pieces from passing

I'm threatening to build a prime here.

One of the daily offices of prayer of the Western Church, associated with the early morning (typically 6 a.m.)
First in time, order, or sequence

Both the English and French governments established prime meridians in their capitals.

The morning; specifically R
Six consecutive blocks, which together effectively prevent passage of the opponent's checkers Several consecutive blocks, such as a 4-prime or 5-prime
A prime element of a mathematical structure, particularly a prime number
at the best stage; "our manhood's prime vigor"- Robert Browning
Lecherous; lustful; lewd
A prime is an integer greater than 1 whose only divisors are 1 and itself
The first guard or parry, in a high line on the side away from the sword arm, with the wrist pronated
Early; blooming; being in the first stage
used of the first or originating agent; "prime mover"
To work so that foaming occurs from too violent ebullition, which causes water to become mixed with, and be carried along with, the steam that is formed; said of a steam boiler
the most active, thriving, or successful stage or period
A prime number is a number which has no factors other than 1 (called non-trivial factors) Thus 13 is prime but 15=3*5 is not prime A number which is not prime is called composite A polynomial which has no factors other than 1 is called irreducible
A prime number is an integer larger than 1 whose only positive divisors are 1 and itself
The act of applying a primer to the wall prior to installing wallpaper
You use prime to describe something that is most important in a situation. Political stability, meanwhile, will be a prime concern It could be a prime target for guerrilla attack The police will see me as the prime suspect!
içirip sarhoş etmek