hoş kokmak

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Türkçe - İngilizce
To taste; to have a specified taste or flavour

honourable enterprises are accompanied with dangers and damages, as experience evinceth; they will make the rest of thy life relish the better.

A pleasing taste; flavor that gratifies the palate; hence, enjoyable quality; power of pleasing

A Laplander or Negro has no notion of the relish of wine.

That which is used to impart a flavor; specifically, something taken with food to render it more palatable or to stimulate the appetite; a condiment
To give a relish to; to cause to taste agreeable, to make appetizing
A cooked or pickled sauce, usually made with vegetables or fruits, generally used as a condiment
To taste or eat with pleasure, to like the flavor of; to take great pleasure in

I don't relish the idea of finishing so much tonight.

{n} a taste, liking, delight, manner, cast
The projection or shoulder at the side of, or around, a tenon, on a tenoned piece
If you relish something, you get a lot of enjoyment from it. I relish the challenge of doing jobs that others turn down Relish is also a noun. The three men ate with relish
{i} great enjoyment, delight; taste, flavor; condiment, spice
vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment
Savor; quality; characteristic tinge
To taste or eat with pleasure; to like the flavor of
To give a relish to; to cause to taste agreeably
To take great pleasure in something; to enjoy; to approach with zeal or enthusiasm; to be pleased with or gratified by; to experience pleasure from
If you relish the idea, thought, or prospect of something, you are looking forward to it very much. Jacqueline is not relishing the prospect of another spell in prison = look forward to
the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth spicy or savory condiment
Relish is a sauce or pickle that you eat with other food in order to give the other food more flavour. to enjoy an experience or the thought of something that is going to happen relish the prospect/thought/idea
hoş kokmak