heyecanlandırıp şaşırtmak

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Türkçe - İngilizce
{v} to disorder, confuse, heat, swell
be flustered; behave in a confused manner
{f} confuse; agitate; annoy; become agitated; behave in an agitated manner
To confuse, befuddle, throw into panic by making overwrought with confusion
If you fluster someone, you make them feel nervous and confused by rushing them and preventing them from concentrating on what they are doing. The General refused to be flustered She was a very calm person. Nothing could fluster her. + flustered flus·tered She was so flustered that she forgot her reply. to make someone nervous and confused by making them hurry or interrupting them. in a fluster nervous and confused because you are trying to do things quickly
a disposition that is confused or nervous and upset
To make hot and rosy, as with drinking; to heat; hence, to throw into agitation and confusion; to confuse; to muddle
cause to be nervous or upset be flustered; behave in a confused manner
Heat or glow, as from drinking; agitation mingled with confusion; disorder
To be in a heat or bustle; to be agitated and confused
{i} confusion, agitation, nervous excitement
cause to be nervous or upset
heyecanlandırıp şaşırtmak