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A call for help, or of distress, alarm etc

Harrow, the flames, which me consume (said hee) / Ne can be quencht, within my secret bowels bee.

To traumatize or disturb; to frighten or torment

The headless horseman harrowed Ichabod Crane as he tried to reach the bridge.

To drag a harrow over; to break up with a harrow

When the corn was sown, I had no harrow, but was forced to go over it myself, and drag a great heavy bough of a tree over it, to scratch it, as it may be called, rather than rake or harrow it.

A device consisting of a heavy framework having several disks or teeth in a row, which is dragged across ploughed land to smooth or break up the soil, to remove weeds or cover seeds; a harrow plow

Part of your job would be to learn tractor ploughing and the use of planters, harrows, and cultivators.

{v} to break clods with a harrow, tear up, strip, lay waste, ravage, harass, disturb
{n} an instrument used in husbandry
To traumatize or disturb; to subject to a harrowing experience; to frighten or torment
To draw a harrow over, as for the purpose of breaking clods and leveling the surface, or for covering seed; as, to harrow land
An implement of agriculture, usually formed of pieces of timber or metal crossing each other, and set with iron or wooden teeth
a farming equipment that used to break up clods with iron teeth
a cultivator that pulverizes or smoothes the soil draw a harrow over (land)
Till, cultivate, rake, or break soil into clods Also refers to a farm implement that is used to harrow
{i} agricultural tool with spikes or disks for breaking up and leveling plowed ground earth
a farm instrument consisting of a heavy frame with teeth or upright disks, used to break up and even off plowed ground
{f} break up and level plowed ground by means of a harrow; bother, harass
It is drawn over plowed land to level it and break the clods, to stir the soil and make it fine, or to cover seed when sown
A harrow is a piece of farm equipment consisting of a row of blades fixed to a heavy frame. When it is pulled over ploughed land, the blades break up large lumps of soil. a famous British public school (=expensive private school) for boys, in northwest London. Men who have been educated at Harrow are known as Old Harrovians. Eton. a farming machine with sharp metal blades, used to break up the earth before planting crops (herfi)
Help! Halloo! An exclamation of distress; a call for succor; the ancient Norman hue and cry
Agricultural implement with teeth drawn over plowed land to break clods of earth
To pillage; to harry; to oppress
draw a harrow over (land)
Animal drawn farming implement used to stir, pulverize, level, and weed the soil The typical harrow was a triangular frame covering four to six feet of ground with iron or wood teeth set to project 6 to 7 inches The earliest harrows were supplemented by shovel plows and hoes
To break or tear, as with a harrow; to wound; to lacerate; to torment or distress; to vex
a cultivator that pulverizes or smoothes the soil
To break up clods of earth on heavy ground
An obstacle formed by turning an ordinary harrow upside down, the frame being buried
Harrow School
Independent boarding school for boys in Harrow, Greater London, England. Its founder, John Lyon (d. 1592), was a yeoman of neighboring Preston who yearly set aside funds for the education of poor children of Harrow. Elizabeth I granted the school's charter in 1571, and the first building was opened in 1611. It has long been renowned as one of the two or three greatest English public (i.e., independent) schools; its graduates include Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Lord Byron, Sir Robert Peel, and Winston Churchill
Present participle of harrow
In a way or to an extent that is harrowing
{n} one who harrows, a kind of hawk
disc harrow
Variant of disk harrow
disc harrow
disk harrow: a harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle
disc harrow
{i} harrow supplied with a number of sharp metal disks on edge at an angle on one or more axles
disk harrow
A harrow equipped with a series of sharp metal disks set on edge or at an angle on one or more axles
disk harrow
a harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle
past of harrow
One who harries
One who harrows
{s} distressing; extremely upsetting; frightening; extremely painful
A harrowing experience is extremely upsetting or disturbing. You've had a harrowing time this past month. very frightening or shocking and making you feel very upset
extremely painful
causing pain or distress
plural of , harrow
third-person singular of harrow
rotary harrow
A harrow consisting of a series of freely turning wheels rimmed with spikes
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harrow öğrencisi



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    /ˈharō/ /ˈhæroʊ/


    [ 'har-(")O ] (transitive verb.) before 12th century. Either representing unattested Old English *hearwe or *hearġe (perhaps ultimately cognate with harvest), or from Old Norse harfr/herfi to ODS eng. harrow maaske laant fra nordisk, Eng. harrow probably loaned from Norse; compare Danish harve (“harrow”), Dutch hark (“rake”). Akin to Latin carpere.

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