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İngilizce - Türkçe
(İnşaat) şamot
(Argo) içki

Tom'un hâlâ içki sersemi olup olmadığını merak ediyorum. - I wonder if Tom is still groggy.

alkollü içki
(isim) alkol ve sudan oluşan içki
sulu alkol içmek
{i} alkol ve sudan oluşan içki
rakı veya rom ile sudan ibaret içki
grogshop meyhane
(Argo) bira
have grog on board
gemide içki var
İngilizce - İngilizce
an alcoholic beverage made with rum and water, especially that once issued to sailors of the Royal Navy
Any alcoholic beverage
A type of pre-fired clay that has been ground and screened to a specific particle size, also called firesand
{n} spirit and water mixed
Crushed brick that is blended with clay to form new brick
{i} strong alcoholic beverage; rum mixed with hot water together with sugar and lemon juice
A granular material made from crushed brick, refractory rock, or other pre-fired ceramic product It is added to bodies to reduce drying and firing shrinkage and thermal expansion, increase stability during firing, and to add texture
any kind of alcoholic beverage (originated as a British admiral's drink)
A sand-like substance that is added to a claybody to add workability and strength to the clay Grog is actually high-fired clay that has been ground down to a granular state Because it has already gone through the firing process, it lessens the shrinkage of the claybody In clays that require great resistance to thermal shock, such as Raku and flameware, large amounts of grog are usually present See also shrinkage, claybody, raku, flameware
Grog is a drink made by mixing a strong spirit, such as rum or whisky, with water. An alcoholic liquor, especially rum diluted with water
What they celebrate St Patrick's day with in San Francisco
A mixture of spirit and water not sweetened; hence, any intoxicating liquor
small particles of sand, bisque, or quartz that are added to a clay body to give it strength
Rum and water, cold without Admiral Vernon was called Old Grog by his sailors because he was accustomed to walk the deck in rough weather in a grogram cloak As he was the first to serve water in the rum on board ship, the mixture went by the name of grog Six-water grog is one part rum to six parts of water Grog, in common parlance, is any mixture of spirits and water, either hot or cold
Gritty material added to clay to modify its behaviour in firing It is usually ground clay that has already been fired, and can be course or fine depending on the type of work for which it is being used
can be added for texture Grog is usually made of fireclay or a similar type of clay which is fired and then ground and sifted to various particle sizes Grog can be made by crushing soft insulating brick Most commercial grogs on the market are of a light grey or white color, therefore if one wants a dark grog, it is necessary to first bisque fire some dark clay, then pound and sift it
A character who works as a servant in a covenant
rum cut with water
Henchmen of a chantry, whether they be guards or servants The name comes from their tendency to indulge in alcohol
Clay which has been fired and then ground into granules of more or less fineness Grog provides texture, opens the body to help in uniform drying and cuts down shrinkage in clay bodies From 20 to 40% grog may be used in a body depending upon the amount of detail desired and whether the pieces are free standing of made in press molds



    [ 'gräg ] (noun.) 1770. From Catalan groc (“yellow”), the colour of the low-quality alcohol.

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