give lose ground

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give ground
Geri adım atmak, zemin kaybetmek

There was no possibility to reach an agreement since none of the parties gave any ground.

give/lose ground
/ Zemin kaybetmek vermek
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give ground
1. Retreat, yielding land or territory. 2. Fig. Retreat from an idea or assertion that one has made

1. I approached the barking dog, but it wouldn't give ground. 2. When I argue with Mary, she never gives ground.

give ground
retreat, yield
give lose ground

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    gîv luz graund


    /ˈgəv ˈlo͞oz ˈground/ /ˈɡɪv ˈluːz ˈɡraʊnd/

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