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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A flamboyant Victorian-era architectural style
A type of cake whose main flavouring is ginger and that is typically cut into human-shaped pieces called gingerbread men or built into house-shaped cakes called gingerbread houses
{n} a bread made of flour, ginger and treacle, a kind of sweet spicy bread
{i} type of cake containing ginger and molasses; rolled cookie containing ginger and molasses
A kind of plain sweet cake seasoned with ginger, and sometimes made in fanciful shapes
Decorative wooden trim
cake flavored with ginger
Pierced curvilinear ornament made with a jig or scroll saw
Frivolous, solely decorative details
Gingerbread is a sweet biscuit or cookie that is flavoured with ginger. It is often made in the shape of a man or an animal. a British organization which provides support and practical help for single parents and their children. In architecture and design, elaborately detailed embellishment, either lavish or superfluous. Though the term is occasionally applied to such highly detailed and decorative styles as the Rococo, it usually refers to the hand-carved and -sawn wood ornamentation of the Carpenter Gothic style
gingerbread man
A biscuit/cookie in the shape of a person and flavoured with ginger
gingerbread man
gingerbread cut in the shape of a person



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    /ˈʤənʤərˌbred/ /ˈʤɪnʤɜrˌbrɛd/


    [ 'jin-j&r-"bred ] (noun.) 15th century. From Old French gingembras, gingimbrat, preserved ginger, from medieval Latin *gingi(m)br?t-um, (ginger that perhaps had a pharmaceutical use for some medicinal preparation), from medieval Latin gingiber, ginger. The third syllable was early confounded with bread, and the insertion of an r in the second syllable completed the semblance of a compound word.


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