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İngilizce - İngilizce
A clear path through a crowd or a passageway with people
A temporary bridge, especially one from a ship
A passage along either side of a ship's upper deck
A passageway through which to enter or leave, such as one between seating areas in an auditorium, or between two buildings
An aisle
Make way! Clear a path!

And he pushed his way through the crowd crying, Gangway, gangway! and dragging Jane and Michael after him.

A passage through the side of a ship or though a railing through which the ship may be boarded
An earthen and plank ramp leading from the stable yard into the upper storey or mow of a dairy barn
A temporary passageway, such as one made of planks
{n} apassage in or to a building, a platform in ships
In the English House of Commons, a narrow aisle across the house, below which sit those who do not vote steadly either with the government or with the opposition
A narrow portable platform used as a passage, by persons entering or leaving a vessel moored alongside a pier or quay
Platform or ramp for embarkation and disembarkation to a dock or tender used for convenience and security
{i} gangplank, movable ramp used when boarding or leaving a ship; narrow passage; (British) aisle
The area of a ship's side where people board and disembark
Construction, ladder or ramp giving access to and from the ship
A passage along either side of a ships upper deck
a temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel at dockside
A temporary bridge such as one between a ship and the shore
{ü} out of the way!, move aside!
The gangway is the passage between rows of seats, for example in a theatre or aircraft, for people to walk along. A man in the gangway suddenly stood up to reach for something in the overhead locker. = aisle
That part of the spar deck of a vessel on each side of the booms, from the quarter-deck to the forecastle; more properly termed the waist
a temporary way of access formed of planks
a temporary passageway of planks (as over mud on a building site)
The opening through the bulwarks of a vessel by which persons enter or leave it
– 1 : The opening in a vessel's bulwarks or railings, allowing passage on and off the vessel 2 : the ramp leading through this opening
Flexible connection between passenger carriages to enable passengers and train crew to pass from one carriage to the next whilst the train is in motion
passageway between seating areas as in an auditorium or passenger vehicle or between areas of shelves of goods as in stores
A temporary passageway made of planks
A movable ramp or stairway between a ship and a pier; used for boarding and deboarding Also called a "gangplank "
A ladder used for boarding a ship
A passage or way into or out of any inclosed place; esp
plural of gangway