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İngilizce - Türkçe

Biz bir tilki yakalamak için bir tuzak kurduk. - We set a trap to catch a fox.

Hızlı kahverengi tilki tembel köpeğin üzerine atlar. - The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

keleğe getirmek
sararmak kitap
anlaşılması çok güç olmak
numarası yapmak
{f} kurnazca aldat
ayağına yatmak
foxhole askerin sı
kırmızıya boyamak
sarhoş etmek
{f} ekşimek (bira)
fox chase tilki avı
{f} sararmak (kitap)
{f} kurnazlık etmek
{i} kurnaz

İnsanlar tilkinin diğer hayvanlardan daha kurnaz olduğunu söylerler. - People say that the fox is more cunning than other animals.

Tilkinin diğer hayvanlardan daha kurnaz olduğu söylenir. - It is said that the fox is more cunning than any other animal.

{i} tilki kürkü
kurnaz kimse
fox and geese
körebe oyunu
fox chase
tilki avı
fox glove
fox grape
yabani üzüm
fox terrier
tilki teriyeri
fox trot
fokstrot dansı
fox fur
tilki kürkü
fox glove
tilki eldiven
fox grape
tilki üzümü
fox message
'fox' mesajı, tilki iletisi
fox's wedding
Şeytan düğünü

Anadolu inançlarına göre,özellikle yaz aylarında, kırlarda ,yaylalarda ortalık günlük güneşlikken birdenbire yağmurun bastırdığı olur.iplik iplik yağan yağmur genelde ışıltılıdır,pırıl pırıldır.gökteki bulutlar bile ışıldar parlar durur.işte bir yandan ya.

fox and geese
tahtada oynanan oyun
fox and geese
satranç vb. oyun
fox brush
tilki kuyruğu (av)
fox earth
tilki ini
fox hole
(Askeri) avcı boy çukuru
fox hole
(Askeri) AVCI ÇUKURU: İçinde bulunan erin tesirli ateş etmesine imkan verecek şekilde inşa edilmiş örtü olarak kullanılan genellikle bir veya iki kişilik küçük çukur. Ayrıca bakınız: "f ield fortification"
fox hole
(Askeri) yatma çukuru
fox hunt
tilki avı
fox hunting
tilki avı
fox mark
rutubet lekesi
fox message
(Bilgisayar) fox' mesajı
fox message
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) tilki iletisi
fox message
fox mesajı
fox's sleep
(deyim) tilki uykusu
(Ayakkabı) Taban duvarı
flying fox
flying fox
meyve yiyen yarasa

Bu dağda tilkilerin yaşadığını biliyor muydun? - Did you know that foxes live on this mountain?

Bazı tilkilerin bu dağda yaşadığını biliyor muydun? - Did you know that some foxes lived on this mountain?

silver fox
gümüş tilki

Gümüş tilkiler nasıl hissederler? - How are the silver foxes feeling?

Kaç tane gümüş tilkin var? - How many silver foxes do you have?

silver fox
renar arjante
arctic fox
kutup tilkisi
crab eating fox
yengeç yiyen tilki
flying fox
büyük yarasa
gray fox
gri tilki
grey fox
gri tilki
little fox
polar fox
kutup tilkisi
prairie fox
çayır tilkisi
white fox
beyaz fok
Let the fox guard the hen house
Kurda kuzuyu emanet etmek
as cunning as a fox
(deyim) Tilki gibi kurnaz, çok akıllı
dog fox
köpek tilki
fennec fox
Afrika'da bulunan uzun ve sivri kulaklı bir cins ufak tilki, sahra tilkisi (Fennecus zerda)
george fox
george tilki
michael j. fox
michael j. tilki
prairie fox
cayır tilkisi
snow fox
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Kutup tilkisi
attached fox
(Bilgisayar) iliştirilmiş fox
bitch fox
dişi tilki
(sıfat) sararmış (kitap)
{s} sararmış (kitap)
linked fox
(Bilgisayar) bağlı fox
little fox
(Astronomi) tilkicik (takımyıldızı)
set the fox to keep the geese
kediye ciğer emanet etmek
sly old fox
sly old fox
yaşlı kurt
swift fox
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) kum tilkisi
İngilizce - İngilizce
An epithet for Michel Foucault

Foucault travelled with a lady inspector from the Ministry of Education on a visit to Cracow. She inadvertently barged into the Fox’s bedroom — to find him in the arms of a young bloke.

a given name
Fox Broadcasting Company, a large television network from the USA

I watched a great show on Fox last night.

someone connected with Leicester City Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc
A surname derived from the name of the animal
To discolour paper. Fox marks are spots on paper caused by humidity

The pages of the book show distinct foxing.

To trick, fool or outwit (someone) by cunning or ingenuity
Any of numerous species of small wild canids resembling the red fox. In the taxonomy they form the tribe Vulpini within the family Canidae, consisting of nine genera (see the Wikipedia article on the fox)
A red fox, small carnivore (Vulpes vulpes), related to dogs and wolves, with red or silver fur and a bushy tail
An attractive man or woman
The fur of a fox or fox fur
A cunning person
A fox terrier
To act slyly or craftily
To confuse or baffle (someone)

This crossword puzzle has completely foxed me.

{n} a wild animal of the canine kind, a fly or knavish person
{i} family name; Fox Studios, movie and television production company located in California and Australia, division of 20th Century Fox
[n] A tribe of American Indians that speaks an Algonquian language (Sauk-Fox) related to the Kickapoo language The Fox, who call themselves the Mesquakie or "red-earth" people, lived historically in what is today southern Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois, and eastern Iowa They became allied with the Sauk tribe in the 1730s, but separated from the Sauk in the 1850s Today the Fox maintain a reservation near Tama, Iowa, and are known as the Sax & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa
An attractive woman
Futures and Options Exchange
A fox is a wild animal which looks like a dog and has reddish-brown fur, a pointed face and ears, and a thick tail. Foxes eat smaller animals
English statesman who supported American independence and the French Revolution (1749-1806)
A sword; so called from the stamp of a fox on the blade, or perhaps of a wolf taken for a fox
Rope yarn twisted together, and rubbed with tar; used for seizings or mats
If you are foxed by something, you cannot understand it or solve it. I admit I was foxed for some time Only once did we hit on a question which foxed one of the experts. British politician who supported American independence and the French Revolution. English religious leader who founded the Society of Friends, or Quakers (1647-1648). Hungarian-born American motion-picture executive who founded his own film company (1915) and merged with 20th Century Pictures to form 20th Century Fox (1935). His company led in the development of sound movies. one of the main national television networks in the US. The others are ABC, CBS, and NBC. Fox is the newest of the main US television networks, and is part of Rupert Murdoch 's company, News Corporation. North American Indian people living mainly in Oklahoma but also in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, U.S. They are distinct from but united with the Sauk (Sac) as the Sac and Fox Nation. Their name for themselves is Mesquakie (or Meshkwahkihaki, meaning "People of the Red Earth"), and their language is of the Algonquian family. They are believed to have originated from the Great Lakes region. Both the Sauk and the Fox were living in Wisconsin at the time of first European contact. Their permanent villages near fields in which women cultivated corn, beans, and squash were occupied in summer; in winter they hunted bison on the prairies. A chief and council administered tribal affairs. Families were grouped into clans. Religious life centred on the Grand Medicine Society, whose members enlisted supernatural aid to heal the sick and ensure success in warfare. In the 18th century the Fox joined with the Sauk to war against the French and English. Though unconquered, they retreated south to Illinois and later west to Iowa. In 1832 Black Hawk led a group of Fox and Sauk in an unsuccessful attempt to return to their Illinois lands. In the 2000 U.S. census some 4,200 people claimed Sac and Fox descent. Any of various canines resembling small to medium-sized, bushy-tailed dogs. Foxes have long fur, pointed ears, relatively short legs, and a narrow snout. They have often been hunted for sport or fur. In a more restricted sense, the name refers to about 10 species of true foxes (genus Vulpes), especially both the Old and New World red foxes. See also Arctic fox, bat-eared fox, fennec, gray fox. Arctic fox bat eared fox Fox Broadcasting Co. fox hunting fox terrier Fox Charles James Fox George Fox Vicente Quesada gray fox The Swamp Fox red fox common fox Talbot William Henry Fox Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. Holland of Foxley and of Holland Henry Richard Vassall Fox 3rd Baron
See Thrasher shark, under Shark
{f} act with cunning; cheat, deceive, bewilder (Slang)
The fox shark or thrasher shark; called also sea fox
be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly; "These questions confuse even the experts"; "This question completely threw me"; "This question befuddled even the teacher"
A tribe of Indians which, with the Sacs, formerly occupied the region about Green Bay, Wisconsin; called also Outagamies
a shifty deceptive person
A carnivorous animal of the genus Vulpes, family Canidæ, of many species
vulgaris or V
abbreviation for the Futures and Options Exchange, now known as the London Commodity Exchange
alert carnivorous mammal with pointed muzzle and ears and a bushy tail; most are predators that do not hunt in packs the Algonquian language of the Fox people a member of an Algonquian people formerly living west of Lake Michigan along the Fox River English religious leader who founded the Society of Friends (1624-1691) English statesman who supported American independence and the French Revolution (1749-1806) the gray or reddish-brown fur of a fox become discolored with, or as if with, mildew spots
The European dragonet
To intoxicate; to stupefy with drink
To turn sour; said of beer, etc
alert carnivorous mammal with pointed muzzle and ears and a bushy tail; most are predators that do not hunt in packs
To make sour, as beer, by causing it to ferment
Acronym for Fishery-Oceanography Experiment
To repair the feet of, as of boots, with new front upper leather, or to piece the upper fronts of
the Algonquian language of the Fox people
lagopus are well-known species
when it sours in fermenting
A sly, cunning fellow
the gray or reddish-brown fur of a fox
{i} type of animal from the dog family; fur from a fox; shrewd and cunning person; (Canadian & US Slang) woman who is pretty and sexually attractive
The European fox V
Finger (Pulse) Oximeter/Oximetry
become discolored with, or as if with, mildew spots
vulpes), the American red fox (V
fulvus), the American gray fox (V
a member of an Algonquian people formerly living west of Lake Michigan along the Fox River
Brand of tyres
deceive somebody; "We tricked the teacher into thinking that class would be cancelled next week"
English religious leader who founded the Society of Friends (1624-1691)
Virginianus), and the arctic, white, or blue, fox (V
Any of numerous species of small wild canids resembling the red fox. In the taxonomy they form the tribe Vulpini wihin the family Canidae, consisting of nine genera
fox cubs
plural form of fox cub
fox grape
The native eastern North American grape, Vitis labrusca, with many cultivars, of which the Concord grape is the most important
fox grapes
plural form of fox grape
fox in the henhouse
A predator loose among the prey
fox terrier
Either of two breeds of dog (the smooth fox terrier and the wire fox terrier) bred for fox hunting
fox terriers
plural form of fox terrier
fox whistle
a whistle designed to mimic the sound of a distressed rabbit in order to lure foxes towards a hunter
fox's wedding
Sunshower: A sunshower is an unusual meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining . These conditions often lead to the appearance of a rainbow, if the sun is at a low enough angle . The term "sunshower" is used in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Britain, but is rarely found in dictionaries . Additionally, the phenomenon has a wide range of sometimes remarkably similar folkloric names in cultures around the world . A common theme is that of trickster animals, or the devil, getting married, although many variations of parts of this theme exist
Fox Broadcasting Co
U.S. television broadcasting company. Founded in 1986 by Rupert Murdoch, it began with 79 affiliated stations that reached 80% of U.S. homes. The network gradually expanded its broadcast hours to seven nights a week and gained more affiliates to make it available across the U.S. Concentrating on shows that appealed to affluent young viewers, it added programming divisions for children, sports, and news in the 1990s
Fox Islands
A group of islands of southwest Alaska in the eastern Aleutian Islands off the southwest tip of the Alaska Peninsula
Fox Studios
{i} movie and television production company located in California and Australia, division of 20th Century Fox
Fox and the Grapes
a fable (=a traditional short story that teaches a moral lesson) by Aesop in which a fox tries many times to reach some grapes that are hanging above his head. When he realizes that he will never be able to reach them, he pretends that he never wanted them, saying "They're probably sour (=having an unpleasant acid taste) anyway". This attitude is called sour grapes
Fox sign
{i} sign in haemorrhagic pancreatitis, infra-inguinal bruising caused by blood tracking from the retroperitoneum that collects at the inguinal ligament (eponym of the dermatologist George Henry Fox)
fox away
(Military) the missile has been fired, the bomb has been launched from the aircraft (said in radio communications during an air raid)
fox cub
baby fox
fox fables
allegorical tales about cunning foxes and other animals
fox grape
purplish-black wild grape of the eastern United States with tough skins that slip easily from the flesh; cultivated in many varieties native grape of northeastern United States; origin of many cultivated varieties e
fox grape
Concord grapes
fox grape
A wild grape (Vitis labrusca) of the eastern United States that bears purplish-black berries and is the source of many cultivated grape varieties. Also called skunk grape
fox hunt
sport of hunting fox on horseback with the aid of hounds; participate in a fox hunt
fox hunter
a mounted hunter who follows the hounds in pursuit of a fox
fox hunting
Chase of a fox by horsemen with a pack of hounds. In England, home of the sport, it dates from at least the 15th century, when it probably developed out of stag and hare hunting. Modern fox hunting became popular among the upper classes in the 19th century. A hunt is led by a master; the dogs (usually 15-20 matched pairs) are controlled by the huntsman and two or three assistants. The hunt may take place on any grounds (woodlands, heath, or fields) where a fox is suspected to be. The riders, outfitted in distinctive red uniforms, meet at a host's house, and the hounds are sent off to search out the fox; when it is found, the hunt begins. The fox is chased until it either escapes or is cornered and killed. Fox hunting reached its peak in popularity before World War I; it continued into the late 20th century despite the decreasing number of large estates and popular opposition on grounds of cruelty and elitism
fox hunting
mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox
fox river
a river in Wisconsin that flows into Lake Michigan
fox snake
A rat snake (Elaphe vulpina) common to the north-central United States, having dark brown or black blotches on the back and a reddish head
fox sparrow
A large sparrow (Passerella iliaca) of the western United States, Canada, and Alaska, having a rufous tail and streaked underparts
fox squirrel
exceptionally large arboreal squirrel of eastern United States
fox squirrel
type of large squirrel
fox squirrel
A large North American squirrel (Sciurus niger) having rusty or grayish fur
fox terrier
type of dog
fox terrier
Any of various small terriers of a breed originating in England, having a white coat with dark markings and developed in both wire-haired and smooth-coated varieties. They were formerly used to drive foxes out of hiding. a small dog with short hair. Well-known breed of dog developed in England to drive foxes from their dens. The wirehaired variety was developed from a rough-coated black-and-tan terrier; the smooth-haired variety was developed from the beagle, greyhound, bull terrier, and a smooth-coated black-and-tan terrier. Both are sturdy, with a tapered muzzle and folded, V-shaped ears. They stand about 15 in. (38 cm) high and weigh 15-19 lb (7-8.5 kg). Predominantly white with black or black-and-tan markings, fox terriers are noted for their bold, energetic nature
fox terrier
small lively black-and-white terriers formerly used to dig out foxes
fox trot
type of dance
Fox-hunting is a sport in which people riding horses chase a fox across the countryside. Dogs called hounds are used to find the fox
a ballroom dance in quadruple time; combines short and long and fast and slow steps fixed sequences
Bengal fox
Vulpes bengalensis, a fox endemic to the Indian subcontinent
Channel Island fox
A species of fox native to the Channel Islands off the coast of California. Each of the six largest islands in the chain has its own native subspecies of fox
Corsac fox
Vulpes corsac, a medium sized Asiatic fox species
Crab-eating Fox
Cerdocyon thous, a medium-sized canid endemic to central South America
Missouri Fox Trotter
A particular breed of horse
Missouri Fox Trotter
A horse of this breed
Missouri Fox Trotters
plural form of Missouri Fox Trotter
Tibetan fox
Vulpes ferrilata, a species of true fox endemic to the high Tibetan Plateau in Nepal, China, and India
Toy Fox Terrier
A toy terrier bred from the Fox Terrier and several toy breeds in the United States
Toy Fox Terriers
plural form of Toy Fox Terrier
arctic fox
Alopex lagopus, a fox-like carnivore of the family Canidae living in the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia
blue fox
A variant of arctic fox, grown in captivity because of its bluish grey winter fur
Attributive form of fennec fox, noun

a fennec-fox look.

flying fox
A device consisting of a chair suspended on a pulley, and running along a length of cable, used for transporting across ravines etc
flying fox
A large Australasian bat, of the genus Pteropus, having a fox-like face
Simple past tense and past participle of fox.; baffled; outwitted
hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire
extremely hot, in any sense: hot weather"." Tucson Weekly., sexually arousedA Dirty Shame, 2004, wanted by the policeAnother Day in Paradise, 1999, etc
polar fox
The arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)
red fox
A common species of fox, Vulpes vulpes native to North America, Asia, Europe and North Africa; small, with reddish fur, but larger than the arctic fox
red fox
A flowering plant, Celosia argentea, having brightly coloured flowers of several shades
silver fox
A red fox with pale yellow or (rarely) silver to black fur
silver fox
A person with graying hair who has sex appeal
sly as a fox
Very sly, very cunning
smell fox
A parallel name for wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa)
smooth fox terrier
A breed of fox terrier having a smooth, flat, but hard and dense coat
smooth fox terriers
plural form of smooth fox terrier
snow fox
The arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)
white fox
The arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)
wire fox terrier
A breed of fox terrier having a coarse coat with a dense, wiry texture
wire fox terriers
plural form of wire fox terrier
flying fox
(Spor) A zip-line (also known as a flying fox, foefie slide, zip wire, aerial runway, aerial ropeslide, death slide or tyrolean crossing) consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, usually made of stainless steel, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley. Zip-lines come in many forms, most often used as a means of entertainment. They may be short and low, intended for child's play and found on some playgrounds. Longer and higher rides are often used as a means of accessing remote areas, such as a rainforest canopy. Zip-line tours are becoming popular vacation activities, found at outdoor adventure camps or upscale resorts, where they may be an element on a larger challenge or ropes course
20th Century Fox
a US film production company
Charles James Fox
a British politician who was against the slave trade and the taxing of the American colonies (1749-1806). born Jan. 24, 1749, London, Eng. died Sept. 13, 1806, Chiswick, Devon British politician. He entered Parliament in 1768 and became leader of the Whigs in the House of Commons, where he used his brilliant oratorical skills to strongly oppose Britain's policy toward the American colonies. Almost always in the political opposition, he conducted a vendetta against George III and was later an enemy of William Pitt. He served as Britain's first foreign secretary (1782, 1783, 1806). He achieved two important reforms by steering through Parliament a resolution pledging it to end the slave trade and by enacting the 1792 Libel Act, which restored to juries their right to decide what constituted libel and whether or not a defendant was guilty of it. He is remembered as a great champion of liberty
Desert Fox
{i} British-American military operation against Iraq in Dec. 1998 (intended to destroy its arsenal of nonconventional weapons)
George Fox
{i} (1624-1691) English preacher who founded the Society of Friends; George Henry Fox (1846-1937), United States dermatologist (Fox sign named after him)
George Fox
an English religious leader who started the Christian group the Society of Friends, who are also called Quakers (1624-91). born July 1624, Drayton-in-the-Clay, Leicestershire, Eng. died Jan. 13, 1691, London English preacher and founder of the Society of Friends, or Quakers. The son of a weaver, he left home at age 18 in search of religious experience. Probably beginning as a Puritan, he reacted even more strongly than the Puritans against the tradition of the Church of England and came to regard personal experience as the true source of authority, placing God-given "inward light," or inspiration, above creeds and scripture. He traveled the countryside on foot, preaching to small groups, and he and other preachers established congregations. The Society of Friends arose in the 1650s. The Quakers' denunciation of ministers and public officials and their refusal to pay tithes or take oaths led to persecution, and Fox was imprisoned eight times between 1649 and 1673. He made missionary trips to Ireland, the Caribbean islands, North America, and northern Europe. His Journal gives an account of his life and of the rise of Quakerism
George Henry Fox
{i} George Fox (1846-1937), United States dermatologist (Fox' sign named after him)
Henry Richard Vassall Fox 3rd Baron Holland
born Nov. 21, 1773, Winterslow, Wiltshire, Eng. died Oct. 22, 1840, London British Whig politician. He was the nephew and disciple of Charles James Fox, whose ideas he expounded in the House of Lords. As lord privy seal in George Grenville's "Ministry of All the Talents" coalition (1806-07), he helped secure the abolition of the slave trade in the British colonies. He later served as chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster (1830-34, 1835-40)
Henry Richard Vassall Fox 3rd Baron Holland of Foxley and of Holland
born Nov. 21, 1773, Winterslow, Wiltshire, Eng. died Oct. 22, 1840, London British Whig politician. He was the nephew and disciple of Charles James Fox, whose ideas he expounded in the House of Lords. As lord privy seal in George Grenville's "Ministry of All the Talents" coalition (1806-07), he helped secure the abolition of the slave trade in the British colonies. He later served as chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster (1830-34, 1835-40)
Michael J. Fox
{i} (born 1961) famous Canadian-born United States television and movie actor who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991
Reynard the Fox
a fox in old European stories, who often behaves badly but always escapes punishment by his cleverness
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
most common pangram in the English language
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp
U.S. movie studio. It was formed in 1935 by the merger of Twentieth Century Pictures (founded in 1933 by Joseph Schenck and Darryl F. Zanuck) and the Fox Film Corp. (founded in 1915 by William Fox). The new studio produced mainly westerns and musicals into the 1940s, as well as notable films such as The Grapes of Wrath (1940) and The Snake Pit (1948). In 1953 it introduced CinemaScope with The Robe, and later in the decade it made hits such as The King and I (1956) and South Pacific (1958). After the expensive failure of Cleopatra (1963), the studio recouped with The Sound of Music (1965), Patton (1970), M*A*S*H (1970), and Star Wars (1977), the film industry's most profitable movie to that time. In 1981 the company was bought by the oil magnate Marvin Davis, who resold it in 1985 to Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch consolidated his American film and television companies under a holding company, Fox, Inc
Vicente Quesada Fox
born July 2, 1942, Mexico City, Mex. President of Mexico (2000- ) whose election ended 71 years of uninterrupted rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). After earning a degree in business administration from the Ibero-American University in Mexico City, Fox took classes at Harvard Business School. He later worked for the Coca-Cola Company, serving as its chief executive in Mexico (1975-79). In 1987 he joined the National Action Party (PAN) and the following year was elected to the national Chamber of Deputies. Elected governor of Guanajuato in 1995, he left the post in 1998 to focus on his national campaign. As president he sought to improve relations with the United States and calm civil unrest in such areas as Chiapas and Tabasco
William Henry Fox Talbot
a British photographer who was the first to invent a way of making more than one photograph from the same negative (=image on a piece of film that shows dark areas as light and light areas as dark) (1800-1877). born Feb. 11, 1800, Melbury Abbas, Dorset, Eng. died Sept. 17, 1877, Lacock Abbey, near Chippenham, Wiltshire English chemist and pioneer photographer. In 1840 he developed the calotype, an early photographic process that improved on the daguerreotype; it involved the use of a photographic negative from which multiple prints could be made. In 1835 he published his first article documenting a photographic discovery, that of the paper negative. His The Pencil of Nature (1844-46) was the first book with photographic illustrations. Talbot also published many articles on mathematics, astronomy, and physics
arctic fox
{i} thickly-furred migratory fox found throughout the Arctic
arctic fox
thickly-furred fox of Arctic regions; brownish in summer and white in winter
arctic fox
A fox (Alopex lagopus) of Arctic regions, having fur that is white or light gray in winter and brown or blue-gray in summer. Northern fox (Alopex lagopus) found throughout the Arctic, usually on tundra or mountains near the sea. Its short, rounded ears and short muzzle reduce its body area exposed to heat loss, and it has fur-covered soles. It is 20-24 in. (50-60 cm) long (excluding the 12-in., or 30-cm, tail) and weighs 7-17 lbs (3-8 kg). It has two colour phases. Individuals in the white phase are grayish brown in summer and white in winter; those in the blue phase (blue foxes of the fur trade) are grayish in summer and gray-blue in winter. The Arctic fox dwells in burrows and feeds on any available animal or vegetable material
as cunning as a fox
very sly, very clever, shrewd
as wily as a fox
crafty, cunning
bat-eared fox
Species (Otocyon megalotis) of large-eared fox found in open, arid areas of eastern and southern Africa. It has 48 teeth (six more than any other canine) and, except for its unusually large ears, looks like the red fox. It grows to a length of about 32 in. (80 cm), including a 12-in. (30-cm) tail, and weighs 7-10 lbs (3-4.5 kg). It lives alone or in small groups and feeds primarily on insects, especially termites
black fox
red fox in the color phase when its pelt is mostly black
blue fox
a variety of arctic fox having a pale gray winter coat
dog fox
{i} male fox
flying fox
Any of various fruit-eating bats of the suborder Megachiroptera, chiefly inhabiting tropical Africa, Asia, and Australia and having a foxlike muzzle and small, pointed ears. a type of bat that lives in hot countries and eats fruit
flying fox
large bat with a head that resembles the head of a fox
Of paper, having yellowish brown stains
Discolored or stained; said of timber, and also of the paper of books or engravings
{s} tricked; deceived; cheated; stained or spotted with yellowish brown color (due to age); (relating to specimens of birds and mammals in museums) having melanin pigments that have oxidized to a reddish brown color with age
Discolored with yellowish-brown stains: "Their set of George Eliot was foxed and buckled by the rain" (John Cheever)
Repaired by foxing; as, foxed boots
Simple past and past participle of fox; baffled; outwitted
Plural of fox
See Fox, n
The back part of a shoe upper from shank to heel This may include only the back part below the vamp line, as in a shoe having a three quarters or circular vamp; or it may include the entire back part of the upper from top edge to sole and from shank to heel, as in many types of low cut shoe
The discolouration of printed material with brown marks
Discoloration and staining of paper, usually in the form of small yellow / brown spots This is the result of a chemical reaction within paper which has been bleached during its production Some paper, particularly that of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, is more vulnerable
Yellow or brown discoloration spots on the pages or edges
> A term used to describe brown color spots on paper, these are caused by trapped moisture
present participle of fox
Brown spots in the paper's surface These spots of mildew, penetrating the paper, cannot be removed by erasing but may occasionally by removed by bleaching
Brown spots in the paper's surface These spots of mildew, penetrating the paper, cannot be removed by erasing but may occasionally be removed with bleaching
reddish-brown (fox coloured) spotting
A spotting effect produced by the growth of molds, usually along the edge of a comic LOOK
rust-colored discoloration caused by microorganisms Fugitive Colors - Stamps with special ink to print some stamps so that they will change, fade or wash out if any attempt is made to tamper with the stamp, postmarks etc
Foxing is a pattern of spotting or speckling on paper or sometimes cloth, usually brown or yellowish brown in tone and often more or less circular in shape It's cause is not fully understood, but generally it is believed a slow process caused by microrganisms, enabled by impurities in the paper and storage conditions that are damp and warm enough to facilitate the process In our Florida climate, it is a common defect: even on quite recent books, some less than ten years old In very recent books it seems to manifest itself first on the edges of the paper, so that when the closed book is viewed, a fine sprinkling of spots of variable density is evident
Ornamental piece of leather stiched into or on top of the quarters
Discoloration of paper by mildew of micro-organisms, due to dampness or bad preservation
Orange brown spotting caused by a reaction of the decay in the paper with normal moisture A defect of note in plates especially
Freckle-like brownish spots thatdevelope in paper under humid conditions if the paper contains iron particles or fungus or both
Discolouration on paper, generally in the form of random rust coloured spots Believed to be caused by one or more of the following; fungus or mould, impurities in manufacture, high humidity or dampness, airborne acids The removal of foxing is not generally recommended in library and archive preservation since methods of removing foxing almost always will cause further damage to the object
A discoloration of paper characterized by dull rusty spots or patches variously attributed to mold growth or impurities in the paper's manufacture The condition may develop or be accelerated if paper is exposed to extreme light or dampness
A discoloration of paper caused by the action of mold on iron salts which are present in most paper; usually the result of high relative humidity
Brown or pale patches of discoloration or stains on a sheet of paper Foxing is caused either by impurities in the paper or by molds It can be treated with conservation methods
Foxing is an undesirable discoloration on paper and celluloid items that haven't been properly cared for The discoloration appears as brown specks or spots
gallant fox
thoroughbred that won the triple crown in 1930
gray fox
dark gray American fox; from Central America through southern United States
gray fox
Grizzled, gray-furred New World fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) found in forested, rocky, and brush-covered country from Canada to northern South America. Distinguished by the reddish color on its neck, ears, and legs, it grows to a length of about 20-30 in. (50-75 cm), excluding its 12-16-in. (30-40-cm) tail, and a weight of about 7-13 lbs (3-6 kg). Unlike other foxes, it commonly climbs trees. Primarily nocturnal, it takes a variety of foods, including small birds and mammals, insects, and fruits
kid fox
A young fox
kit fox
small gray fox of the plains of western North America small gray fox of southwestern United States; may be a subspecies of Vulpes velox
kit fox
small gray fox of southwestern United States; may be a subspecies of Vulpes velox
kit fox
small gray fox of the plains of western North America
red fox
small wild animal related to the dog
red fox
weedy annual with spikes of silver-white flowers
red fox
New World fox; often considered the same species las the Old World fox
red fox
the common Old World fox; having reddish-brown fur; commonly considered a single circumpolar species
red fox
A fox of the genus Vulpes, characteristically having reddish fur, especially V. fulva of North America and V. vulpes of Europe. or common fox Either of two fox species: Vulpes vulpes, found throughout Europe, temperate Asia, and northern Africa, and V. fulva of North America. It has a reddish brown coat; the tail is white-tipped, and the ears and legs are black. Red foxes are 36-42 in. (90-105 cm) long, including the 15-in. (38-cm) tail; they stand about 16 in. (40 cm) tall and weigh about 15 lb (7 kg). They eat small mammals, eggs, fruit, and birds. They are hunted for sport and for their fur and are raised commercially for pelts. North American red foxes exhibit black and silver colour phases
red fox
the common Old World fox; having reddish-brown fur; commonly considered a single circumpolar species New World fox; often considered the same species las the Old World fox weedy annual with spikes of silver-white flowers
sea fox
The thrasher shark
silver fox
red fox in the color phase when its pelt is tipped with white
silver fox
type of animal that resembles a small dog
sly as a fox
cunning and mischievous as a fox, wily as a fox
smooth fox terrier
A small fox terrier of a breed developed in England, having a smooth white coat with patches of black or tan
smooth-haired fox terrier
a fox terrier with smooth hair
water fox
The carp; so called on account of its cunning
white fox
The arctic fox in its winter color phase
wily as a fox
sly, cunning, shrewd
wire fox terrier
Any of a breed of small fox terrier developed in northern England, having a rough wiry white coat with patches of black or tan. Also called wirehair, wirehaired terrier
wire-haired fox terrier
a fox terrier with wiry hair
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fox mesajı
fox message
fox' mesajı
(Bilgisayar) fox message



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    /ˈfäks/ /ˈfɑːks/


    [ 'fäks ] (noun.) before 12th century. Old English fox, from Proto-Germanic *fuhsaz (compare West Frisian foks, Dutch vos, German Fuchs), from Proto-Indo-European *puk-so 'tail' (compare Old Church Slavonic puchŭ 'down', Latvian pusks 'tuft', Tocharian B pako 'tail', Sanskrit púccha 'tail').


    foxes, foxing, foxed

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