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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
The part of a shore between high water and low water, especially the beach exposed at maximum ebb spring tides
that part of a shore uncovered at low tide
The part of a seashore between high-water and low-water marks A 2-D basic feature
The lower zone of a beach extending between low-water spring-tide level and high-water spring-tide level
The land on a water-side property that lies between the high-water mark and the low-water mark
{i} shoreline, seashore, land along the edge of a body of water
The sloping portion of a beach profile that lies between a berm crest (or, in its absence, the upper limit of wave swash at high tide) and the low water mark of the backrush of the wave swash at low tide This term has been used synonymously with beach face, although the foreshore can also contain some of the flat portion of the profile below the beach face See Komar (1976)
Such parts of the bed, shore, or banks of the sea or a river as are covered and uncovered by the flow and ebb of the tide at mean spring tides
Land between high-water mark and low-water mark
the area lying above the high tide level
the part of the seashore between the high-water mark and the low-water mark
(1) The part of the shore, lying between the berm crest and the ordinary low water mark, which is ordinarily traversed by the uprush and backrush of the waves as the tides rise and fall (2) The same as the beach face where unconsolidated material is present (3) (SMP) In general terms, the beach between mean higher high water and mean lower low water
The part of a parcel of land lying between the high water mark and the water mark
Beside the sea, a lake, or a wide river, the foreshore is the part of the shore which is between the highest and lowest points reached by the water
The lowest segment of a beach, between lowest tide and the berm crest, covered by most daily tides, technically between the "lowest low water" line and the "ordinary high water" line
The portion of a beach that lies nearest to the sea, extending from the low-tide line to the high-tide line
The intertidal area below highest tide level and above lowest tide level
Area of land next to a waterway
plural of foreshore