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İngilizce - Türkçe

Bob sadece gitar değil aynı zamanda flüt de çalar. - Bob plays not only the guitar but also the flute.

Ben bir flüt solo çalmayı düşünüyorum. - I plan to play a flute solo.

{i} mim. (sütundaki) yiv
{f} flüt çal

Piyano, gitar ya da flüt çalmayı öğrenmek isterim. - I would like to learn to play the piano, guitar or flute.

Tom'un flüt çalmayı bilip bilmediğini merak ediyorum. - I wonder if Tom knows how to play the flute.

(Mühendislik) yiv, oluk (matkapta)
{i} farbala
{i} pli
{f} pli yapmak
{f} flüt ile seslendirmek
flutist flütçü
fluted column yivli sütun
{i} yiv
fluty flut
{i} müz. flüt, flavta
{f} flüt çalmak

Tom flüt çalmaktan zevk alıyor. - Tom enjoys playing the flute.

Tom'un flüt çalmakta bundan daha iyi olacağını düşündüm. - I thought Tom would be better at playing the flute than that.

flüt gibi ses çıkarmak veya şarkı söylemek
{i} oluk
{i} fitil
fluting yivli süs
{f} yiv açmak
{i} flütçü
oluk açmak
flute player
flute glass
flüt kadeh (şampanya)
flute leather seats
(Otomotiv) oluklu deri koltuklar
flute mark
(Jeoloji) flüt izi
flute mark
(Jeoloji) dil-şekilli iz
flute mark
(Jeoloji) kaval iz
flute moraine
(Jeoloji) dil-şekilli moren
flute moraine
(Jeoloji) flüt moren
flute player
flute work
(Muzik) flüt sesi veren
{s} yivli
block flute
(Muzik) blok flüt
flüt çalarak
Flütün çıkardığı ses gibi
small flute
(Muzik) küçük flüt
{f} flüt çal
yivli süs
straight flute drill
düz oluklu matkap
transverse flute
enine fülüt
English flute
(Muzik) Blok flüt
english flute
ingilizce flüt
five flute leather seats
(Otomotiv) beş oluklu deri koltuklar
{s} flütle seslendirilmiş
(Tekstil) oluklu alan
i., mim. (sütundaki) yiv/yivler
flüt çal/yiv aç
{i} yiv şeklinde süs
{i} pli
{i} flüt çalma
four flute leather seats
(Otomotiv) dört oluklu deri koltuklar
turkish flute
(Muzik) türk flütü
İngilizce - İngilizce
A woodwind instrument consisting of a metal, wood or bamboo tube with a row of circular holes and played by blowing across a hole in the side of one end or through a narrow channel at one end against a sharp edge, while covering none, some or all of the holes with the fingers to vary the note played
To play on a flute
To utter with a flutelike sound
To form flutes or channels in (as in a column, a ruffle, etc.); to cut a semicylindrical vertical groove in (as in a pillar, etc.)
A helical groove going up a drill bit which allows the drilled out material to come up out of the hole as it's drilled
To make a flutelike sound
A glass with a long, narrow bowl and a long stem, used for drinking wine, especially champagne
A semicylindrical vertical groove in a pillar
{v} to cut hollows in pillars to play on a flute
{n} a musical pipe, furrow in columns, boat
A decorative groove in the face of solid material that is machined to a 3/8" width and a 3/16" depth to accent the finished item back to list
a distinctive flake struck from the base toward the tip on one or both faces that flattens the point, making it fit more snugly on a spear shaft
One of the wave shapes pressed into corrugated medium These are categorized by the size of the wave
To make decorative grooves Usually refers to pastry
The wave shape of the inner medium of corrugated board A flute = 33 flutes/linear foot @ 3/16" height B flute = 47 flutes/linear foot @ 3/32" height C flute = 39 flutes/linear foot @ 9/64" height E flute = 90 flutes/linear foot @ 3/64" height
To form flutes or channels in, as in a column, a ruffle, etc
A woodwind instrument that is held horizontally and sounded by blowing across the mouthpiece of the instrument, much like blowing into a bottle to produce a tone It consists mainly of a cylindrical tube 66 cm long and 2 cm in diameter The modern flute is made of metal Famous jazz flautist: John Coltrane Search Google com for Flute
A similar channel or groove made in wood or other material, esp
Routed vertical indentations in a linear pattern with 180-degree radius at each end of each line
A helical groove going up a drill bit which allows the drilled out material to come up out of the hole as its drilled
[arch] Grooved , semicircular channels as decoration on columns
a high-pitched woodwind instrument; a slender tube closed at one end with finger holes on one end and an opening near the closed end across which the breath is blown
A stop in an organ, having a flutelike sound
To cut a semicylindrical vertical groove in a pillar
To play, whistle, or sing with a clear, soft note, like that of a flute
form flutes in
To make a small consecutive decorative indentation in food A pie crust is fluted by pressing the edge between your fingers all around A cucumber is fluted by scoring it with a fork
A kind of flyboat; a storeship
A channel of curved section; usually applied to one of a vertical series of such channels used to decorate columns and pilasters in classical architecture
A rounded groove, a profile that is curved inward or is concave
A long, narrow flake removed from a spear point to aid in the binding of the point to the spear shaft
The modern flute is closed at the upper end, and blown with the mouth at a lateral hole
To make decorative indentations around the edge of pastries, fruits, or vegetables When making a pie crust, it is decoratively finishing off the edges by pinching it against the edge of the pan
Generically defined as any instrument with an air column and confined hollow body whose sounds are produced by a stream of air flowing through holes and a systematic mechanism for covering them
A woodwind instrument in which the sound is produced without a reed
Routed vertical indentations in a linear pattern with 180 degree radius at each end of each line
The fold or bend in a sheet of deck which forms a groove or furrow
The groove down a blade which removed weight from a weapon whilst letting it maintain it's strength The "blood" groove, as it is wrongly known
To make a decorative edge on the rim of a pie crust
To seal and make an attractive edge on a pie by pinching the dough all around the rim
A musical wind instrument, consisting of a hollow cylinder or pipe, with holes along its length, stopped by the fingers or by keys which are opened by the fingers
a groove or furrow in cloth etc especially the shallow concave groove on the shaft of a column
{i} musical wind instrument; channel, groove (Architecture, Furniture)
under Base, n
A long narrow grove, resulting from the removal of an elongated channel flake, which extends from the basal edge of a projectile for some distance along the face Used to thin the hafting area
A long French breakfast roll
in plaited cloth, as in a lady's ruffle
{f} play a flute; speak or sing in flute-like tones; form grooves or channels
To make decorative indentations around the edge of pastry, vegetables, or fruit
To play on, or as on, a flute; to make a flutelike sound
A straight or spiral groove behind the cutting edge of a router cutter that permits the chips to be expelled from the cut Good fluting is necessary to clear the chips efficiently
A flute is a musical instrument of the woodwind family. You play it by blowing over a hole near one end while holding it sideways to your mouth. Woodwind instrument in which the sound is produced by blowing against a sharp edge. In its broad sense, a flute may be end-blown, like the recorder, or may have a globular shape, like the ocarina. In its narrow sense, discussed below, flute refers to the transverse flute of Western music. The transverse flute, a tubular instrument held sideways to the right, appeared in Greece and Etruria by the 2nd century BC. By the 16th century a family of boxwood flutes, with fingerholes but no keys, was in use in Europe. Keys began to be added in the late 17th century. Theobald Boehm's 19th-century innovations resulted in the modern flute, which permits thorough expressive control and great agility. The cylindrical tube may be made of wood or, more often, a precious metal or alloy. Its range is from about middle C to the C three octaves higher. The flute family includes the piccolo (pitched an octave higher), the alto flute, and the rare bass flute. See also shakuhachi
To press a scalloped or decorative design into the edge of a pie crust
a long deep channel with circular root 'Fluting is the arranging of such flutes in rows in, for example, furniture legs etc
a tall narrow wineglass
Architectural term for the vertical grooves on Greek (and later) columns generally
flute player
someone who plays the flute
Irish flute
a wooden flute used for playing traditional Irish music
Western concert flute
a transverse (side-blown) woodwind instrument made of metal or wood
champagne flute
A piece of stemware with a long stem and a tall, narrow bowl on top, designed to keep champagne desirable during its consumption by preventing heat from the drinker's hand from warming the champagne while retaining its carbonation
en flute
with all or some of her cannons removed
Simple past tense and past participle of flute
drunk, intoxicated
One who plays on the flute; a flutist or flautist
Present participle of flute
hyperbass flute
the largest and lowest pitched instrument in the flute family
nose flute
a Polynesian musical instrument
pan flute
A musical instrument, played by mouth, comprising tubes arranged in order of length
skin flute
A penis
whistle and flute
A suit
Having the tone and rather high pitch variation of a flute
{n} fluted work on a pillar
English flute
(Muzik) The English Flute or recorder is a woodwind musical instrument of the family known as fipple flutes or internal duct flutes — whistle-like instruments which include the tin whistle and ocarina. The recorder is end-blown and the mouth of the instrument is constricted by a wooden plug, known as a block or fipple. It is distinguished from other members of the family by having holes for seven fingers (the lower one or two often doubled to facilitate the production of semitones) and one for the thumb of the uppermost hand. The bore of the recorder is tapered slightly, being widest at the mouthpiece end and narrowest at the top on Baroque recorders, or flared almost like a trumpet at the bottom on Renaissance instruments
end-blown flute
(Muzik) The end-blown flute or rim-blown flute is a keyless woodwind instrument played by directing an airstream against the sharp edge of the upper end of a tube. Unlike a recorder or tin whistle, there is no fipple. Most rim-blown flutes are "oblique" flutes, being played at an angle to the body's vertical axis
A flute
The Magic Flute
musical work composed by Mozart
fipple flute
a woodwind with a vertical pipe and 8 finger holes and a whistle mouthpiece
fipple flute
A flute, such as a recorder, with a fipple
Early bases had ornamental designs These are referred to as ribbed, or fluted bases All are cast iron
regularly marked by alternating ridges and groove-like depressions
{s} decorated with channels or grooves; flute-like, melodious
A point or blade that has one or more flutes
Something that is fluted has shallow curves cut into it. the fluted wooden post of the porch. = grooved. something that is fluted has hollow or rounded lines down it
Decorated with flutes; grooved
Where the walls (of a pitch) have indents running down them, similar to what you would get if you ran your fingers along mud
Decorated with flutes; channeled; grooved; as, a fluted column; a fluted ruffle; a fluted spectrum
Thin; fine; clear and mellow; flutelike; as, fluted notes
past of flute
means [Ben to given description]
One who makes grooves or flutings
{i} flutist, one who plays the flute
Plural of flute
Vertical channelling used on a column or pilaster
A decoration consisting of parallel, normally vertical, flutes (grooves) incised into the surface
Grooves cut into the clay in parallel lines running in any direction Example
Decoration by means of flutes or channels; a flute, or flutes collectively; as, the fluting of a column or pilaster; the fluting of a lady's ruffle
Shallow concave grooves, running vertically on a column, or side by side in a series on a flat surface, such as a frieze In use since the 16th Century
a groove or furrow in cloth etc especially the shallow concave groove on the shaft of a column
> A decorative grooved pattern of vertical concave ribs
Shallow, concave grooves running vertically on the shaft of a column, pilaster or other surface
Concave mouldings in parallel
Series of rounded parallel grooves that shows on the Surface of metals
The act of making such grooves
Paper that has been formed into the flutes that make up the ridged part of the corrugated board between the liners
The vertical channelling often found on the walls of dome pits caused by the downpour of water
Paperboard used to make the corrugated layer in corrugated board
If you describe someone's voice as fluting, you mean that it goes up and down a lot, and usually that it is high pitched. Her voice, small and fluting, stopped abruptly. a fluting and melodic Scottish accent
{i} decorative grooves; indentation; groove; sounds from a flute; act of playing a flute
A series of carved out semicircular grooves usually found on columns, molding or wooden legs
- A surface decoration composed of a series of parallel, usually vertical, concave channels Derived from classical architecture, fluting was used to ornament the shafts of columns and pilasters
gentle dips and rises in the petal edges
term for a pattern of deep narrow grooves usually cut vertically on the outside of a paperweight
Concave half-round decorative moulding profiles
Kinking or breakage due to curving of metal strip on a radius so small, with relation to thickness, as to stretch the outer surface above its elastic limit Not to be confused with the specific product, Fluted Tubes
The wavy inner core of corrugated board Flute sizes are typically A,B, C, D, E, and F
Distortion of a roll of tape such that layers no longer form a circle
Soft and clear in tone, like a flute
{s} flute-like; high-pitched and clear in tone (like a flute)
nose flute
a flute that is played by blowing through the nostrils (used in some Asian countries)
playing the flute
making music with a flute
reed flute
organ pipe with a reed
shepherds' flute
wind instrument made from wood used by a shepherd to gather up his flock
straight flute
a rock drill with straight flutes
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