flippantly düşüncesizlikle

listen to the pronunciation of flippantly düşüncesizlikle
Türkçe - İngilizce
Lacking respect or seriousness, showing levity; pert

Our society treats smoking flippantly as a slightly distasteful habit that can injure your health. It is not. It is drug addiction.

nimble; limber
{a} of rapid speed, pert, talkative
having a light, pert, trifling disposition
Speaking fluently and confidently, without knowledge or consideration; empty; trifling; inconsiderate; pert; petulant
disapproval If you describe a person or what they say as flippant, you are criticizing them because you think they are not taking something as seriously as they should. Don't be flippant, damn it! This is serious! He now dismisses that as a flippant comment. = flip, glib. not being serious about something that other people think you should be serious about (FLIP)
Lacking proper respect or seriousness, showing inappropriate levity; pert
{s} disrespectful, disdainful, careless, thoughtless
Of smooth, fluent, and rapid speech; speaking with ease and rapidity; having a voluble tongue; talkative
showing inappropriate levity
A flippant person
flippantly düşüncesizlikle