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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Mekanik) bağlantı
(Mekanik) birleşme yüzü
oturma yüzeyi
(Tekstil) bilezik, halka
flanş yapmakta kullanılan döküm aleti
kenar takmak
flange connection
flanşlı bağlantı
flange connection
flanş bağlantısı
flange coupling
flange nut
yakalı somun
flange nut
kenarlı somun
flange rail
oluklu ray
flange coupling
flansli kavrama, flansli bağlama
flange nut
yakalı somun, kenarlı somun
flange plate
bağlantı saçı
flange bearing
flanş yatağı
flange bearing shell
flanş yatağı kovanı
flange bolt
(Otomotiv) flanş cıvatası
flange bolts and nuts
sıkma taban başlı cıvata
flange bushing
flanş burcu
flange cap nut
flanş başlığı somunu
flange connector
flanş bağlayıcı
flange greasing
boden yağlama
flange half
yarım flanş
flange height
(Otomotiv) flanş yüksekliği
flange lock nut
flanş kilidi somunu
flange of girder
kiriş flanş
flange pipe
flanş borusu
flange plate
flanş plakası
flange screw
flanş vidası
flange seal
(Nükleer Bilimler) flanş contası
flange sealing
flanşlı conta
flange sheet
flanş levhası
flange slope
flanş meyili
flange splice
flanşlı ekleme
flange thickness
flanş kalınlığı
flange toper
flanş meyili
flange tube
flanşlı boru
flange union
vidalı çift flanş
flange union
flanşlı rakor
flange washer
flanş pulu
flange weld
başlık kaynağı
flange weld
boyun kaynağı
flange weld nut
flanş kaynağı somunu
flange width
flanş genişliği
flange yoke
flanş çatalı
flywheel flange
volan flansi
flywheel companion flange
volant mukabil flanşı
flywheel companion flange
volant tamburu
flywheel flange
volan flanşı
flywheel flange
(Otomotiv) volan bağlantı flanşı
bolt flange
civatalı mil
buffer guide flange
tampon kovanı flanşı
counter flange
karşı flanş
lower flange
alt başlık
slip flange
oynak flanş
tension flange
çekme flanşı
tension flange
çekme plakası
wide flange beam
(Askeri) geniş başlıklı kiriş
adjusting flange
ayar flanşı
air intake flange
hava giriş yolu flanşı
axle drive flange
aks tahrik flanşı
blank flange
kör flanş
blind flange
kör flanş
carburettor flange
karbüratör flanşı
connecting flange
tespit flanşı
coupling flange
kavrama flanşı
crankshaft flange
krank mili flanşı
cylinder flange
silindir flanşı
double flange hub
çift flanşlı göbek
drive flange
tahrik flanşı
hub flange
göbek flanşı
insulating flange
izolasyon flanşı
manifold flange
manifold flanşı
axle drive flange
aks tahrik flansi
blind flange
Kör tapa
brake flange
fren flansi
detachable spring flange
sökülebilir yay segman
drive flange
tahrik flansi
fixed flange
sabit flans
gearbox flange
vites kutusu flansi
insulating flange
izolasyon flansi
loose flange
(Mühendislik) serbest flanş

Flanş önceden boruya takılarak serbest haldedir.

manifold flange
manifold flansi
puddle flange
puddle flanşı
rim flange
jant flansi
blank flange
kör ektekeri
burner flange
brülör flanşı
burner flange
yakıcı flanşı
centering flange
merkezleme flanşı
centring flange
(Otomotiv) merkezleme flanşı
clamp coupling flange
kelepçe kuplajlı flanş
clamp flange
sıkıştırma flanşı
clutch flange
bağlantı flanşı
clutch flange
kavrama flenci
companion flange
mukabil flanş
compression flange
basınç flanşı
connecting flange
(Otomotiv) tespit flanjı
connecting flange
(Otomotiv,Teknik) birleştirme flanşı
connecting flange
(Otomotiv) bağlantı flanşı
connection flange
bağlama flanşı
double flange
(İnşaat) çift flanş
double underwinding flange
(Tekstil) çift dip sarım flanşı
driving flange
çevirici flanş
exhaust flange
(Otomotiv) egzoz flanşı
fixed flange
sabit flanş
girder flange
(İnşaat) kiriş başlığı
heating flange
(Otomotiv) ısıtıcı manifold
hinge flange
menteşe flanşı
hose flange
hortum flenci
hub flange
göbekli flanş
inlet flange
giriş flenci
manifold flange
(Otomotiv) manifolt flanşı
necked flange
kuyruklu flanş
necked flange
boyunlu flanş
outer flange
dış flanş
outlet flange
çıkış flanşı
oval flange
oval flanş
oval steel flange
oval çelik flanş
packing flange
(Otomotiv) sızdırmazlık yakası
packing flange
(Otomotiv) salmastra flanşı
panel flange
(Otomotiv) panel flanşı
raised face flange
faturalı flanş
reinforcing flange
takviye flanşı
restricting flange
sınırlandırma flenci
rim flange
jant flenci
rim flange
(Otomotiv) jant flanşı
roof flange
(Otomotiv) tavan flanşı
screwed flange
vidalı flanş
seal flange
sızdırmazlık flanşı
sealing flange
salmastra flanşı
spacer flange
ara flenci
threaded flange
vidalı muf
threaded flange
vidalı flanş
universal joint flange
(Otomotiv) kardan kavraması flanşı
universal joint flange
(Otomotiv) universal kavrama flanşı
upper flange
üst flanş
upper flange
üst başlık
weld flange
kaynak flanşı
weld neck flange
boyun kaynaklı flanş
welded neck flange
kaynaklı boyunlu flanş
welded on pipe flange
boruya kaynaklı flanş
welding flange
kaynaklı flanş
İngilizce - İngilizce
An external or internal rib or rim, used either to add strength or to hold something in place
The collective noun for a group of baboons

I suspect they hired a flange of baboons to mind the house.).

An ability in a role-playing game which is not commonly available, overpowered or arbitrarily imposed by the referees
A vulva

When she lived in Arizona, she used to drape a washcloth on her underwear, hanging in front of her pouch. She always said it would keep the blazing heat of the sun off her flange, especially when the Arizona sun would be mercilessly coming in thru the car windshield.

The projecting edge of a rigid or semi-rigid component
the closure attachment that is permanently inserted into the drum and provides the receiving threads for a plug
The fundamental element of the wheel-on-rail guidance system The inner edge of each wheel is shaped to a larger diameter than the wheel tread resting on the rail to act as a guide for the wheel set The two flanges of the wheels on an axle guide the wheel set to follow the route of the track A characteristic squealing sound can often be heard on sharp curves as the outer wheels' flanges slice along the inner edges of the rails
Horizontal surface on the face of the tee, visible from below the ceiling The part of the grid to which the color cap is applied Most grid system flanges are either 15/16" or 9/16"
the projecting edge of a rigid or semi-rigid component, such as a metal edge flashing flange, skylight flange, flashing boot, structural member, etc
An effect that is created when the same sound is played over itself but one of the copies is offset very slightly After the initial offset (which is not required but is nice so the note isn't twice as loud at the beginning), an extremely slight pitch bend will produce a "whoosh" sound This effect used to be done with reel to reel tape recorders by slowing down one reel and then releasing it to let it catch up
The base of a club, the part that rests on the ground
the part of the wheel which runs below the level of the rail to guide the car or locomotive
the horizontal parts of a rolled I-shaped beam or of a built-up girder extending transversely across the top and bottom of the web
A plate or ring to form a rim at the end of a pipe when fastened to the pipe
Overlapping metal portion of a recessed luminaire at the ceiling line It serves to cover the ceiling opening around the luminaires
An effect caused by an approximately even mix of a modulated (varying) short delay with the direct signal
A flange is a projecting edge on an object. Its purpose is to strengthen the object or to connect it to another object. A protruding rim, edge, rib, or collar, as on a wheel or a pipe shaft, used to strengthen an object, hold it in place, or attach it to another object.flange v. the flat edge that stands out from an object such as a railway wheel, to keep it in the right position or strengthen it (Perhaps from early modern flaunche, from flanc; FLANK)
a projection used for strength or for attaching to another object
The flat edge of a housing that is used to mount against the door/panel
{i} raised edge (Machinery)
An external or internal rib, or rim, for strength, as the flange of an iron beam; or for a guide, as the flange of a car wheel see Car wheel
A projection edge of a roof component such as flashings, skylight frames, pre-manufactured curbs, etc Usually refers to the part that sits on the roof surface
the back edge of the sole (bottom) of an iron club (usually most associated with the sandwedge) Example: The sandwedge's flange allows the depth of the clubhead's penetration into the sand to be more controlled
To be bent into a flange
The projecting edge of a structural member
That portion of the rubber part of the mold that contains the tabs and runs out to the edge of the mold Does not include either the specimen impression or the reservoir portions of the mold Syn with apron, sill
The extended part of a wheel that keeps it on the rail
A raised circular rib around a part The usual use for this term in bicycle usage is to refer to the part of a hub that the spokes attach to Most hubs in current production are "small-flange" or "low-flange" designs, where the flange is no taller than it needs to be to provide a suitable place for the spoke holes to be drilled "High-flange" or "large-flange" hubs have a larger flange, usually drilled out for lightness They are transmit torsional forces with less stress to the spokes than small-flange hubs do, but this is not a problem in practice with modern equipment High-flange hubs can make a wheel with slightly greater lateral strength than equivalent small-flange hubs, because the spokes create a wider bracing angle to the rim This makes them popular with track sprinters, who create greater-than-normal side loads on their wheels A less common bicycle use of "flange" is to describe a particular style of axle nut, commonly seen on cheaper bicycles See track nut
- the rim that fastens the access port closure to the reactor tank
An audio effect that distorts sound by applying a short delay and variable modulation of the frequency This effect is available with Blaze Audio RipEditBurn and Wave Creator
Base or seam area of a mold   Area that extends from the base of a model when making rubber molds to keep the rubber intact while casting   Usually extends three inches from the base of the piece
An ability in a role-play game which is not commonly available, overpowered or arbitarily imposed by the referees
A rib or rim for strength, for guiding or for attachment to another object KOHLER faucets service literature usually refers to a decorative flange as an escutcheon
an effect applied to a sound wherein a delayed version of the sound is mixed with the original
the bottom of an iron club (usually most associated with the sandwedge) Example: The sandwedge's flange allows the depth of the clubhead's penetration into the sand to be more controlled
A vagina
To make a flange on; to furnish with a flange
or for attachment to another object, as the flange on the end of a pipe, steam cylinder, etc
A piece of special effects equipment that produces a fuller sound to music by a short delay and modulation of the frequency The delay is shorter than is used in stereo chorus
A flange
Having a flange or flanges; as, a flanged wheel
{s} having a flange
plural of flange