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İngilizce - Türkçe
yumruk yumruğa kavga
{i} yumruklaşma, dövüşme
{i} yumruklaşma
{i} yumruk kavgası

O yumruk kavgası ile sona erdi. - It ended with fisticuffs.

İngilizce - İngilizce
Bare-knuckled boxing, a form of boxing done without boxing gloves or similar padding

In his college days of athletic exercises, Mr. Crisparkle had known professors of the Noble Art of fisticuffs,.

An impromptu fight with the fists, usually between only two people

, his head all scarred with the sticks and fisticuffs which he had got in the taverns at Utrecht,.

plural form of fisticuff
{n} a battle or contest with fists
Fisticuffs is fighting in which people try to hit each other with their fists. a fight in which you use your bare hands to hit someone - often used humorously
An impromptu fight with the fists, usually between two people
A derivative of boxing in which two opponents tie either their right or left wrists together and box with their free hands
fighting with the fists
{i} fistfight, fight using the fists
a fight with bare fists