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"Hiçbir şeye aldırmadan gönlünce gezip eğlenmek" anlamına gelen fink atmak deyiminde geçer
İngilizce - İngilizce
To betray a trust
Someone who betrays a trust
to tell the police, a teacher, or a parent that someone has broken a rule or a law = squeal on somebody
{i} strike breaker (Slang); industrial spy; informer, tale-bearer; failure
someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police
{f} break a strike (Slang); act as an industrial spy; inform; fail
Fink truss
A wood or steel truss used to support a roof with a span of up to 50 feet
Fink trusses
plural form of Fink truss
Mike Fink
born 1770/80, Fort Pitt, Pa. died 1823, Fort Henry? [North Dakota] U.S. keelboatman. He won fame in his youth as a local marksman and Indian scout. Later, when keelboats became the chief vessels of commerce on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, he was known as "king of the keelboatmen." Renowned as a marksman, roisterer, and champion rough-and-tumble fighter, he became a legendary hero of the American tall tale; even in his own time, his name was synonymous with the braggadocio of Western frontiersmen. He was shot and killed on a fur-trapping expedition to the upper Missouri River
past of fink
present participle of fink
third-person singular of fink
plural of , fink
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fink atmak
fink atmak
gad about
fink atmak
to gallivant, to gad about
fink atmak
{k} to gallivant, gad about