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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} gözde

Gözde hayır kurumun nedir? - What's your favorite charity?

Gözde konuşma gösterin nedir? - What's your favorite talk show?

{i} favori

Alma Ata benim favori şehrim! - Almaty is my favorite city!

Favori web sitem Kylie Konnect'tir ve Facebook'tan daha iyidir. - My favorite website is Kylie Konnect and it's better than Facebook.

tercih edilen
en çok sevilen
en çok beğenilen
(Bilgisayar) sık kullanılan
çok sevilen (kimse/şey)
{i} çok sevilen kimse/şey; sevgili, gözde
çok sevilen kimse veya şey
spor kazanması beklenen yarışçı
çok sevilen
a favorite with tarafından sevilen
favoriteson kendi seçim bölgesince başkanlığa aday gösterilen kimse
{i} favori, kazanacağına inanılan yarışçı
İngilizce - İngilizce
To add to one's list of favorites on a website that allows users to compile such lists
Expected or most probable to win

He's the favorite, he'll probably be elected.


That is my favorite flavor of ice cream, I'd eat it daily if I could.

To bookmark
{n} one particularly loved, a near friend
Regarded with particular affection, esteem, or preference; as, a favorite walk; a favorite child
a competitor thought likely to win
something regarded with special favor or liking; "that book is one of my favorites"
appealing to the general public; "a favorite tourist attraction"
appealing to the general public; "a favorite tourist attraction
To add to ones list of favorites on a websites that allows users to compile such lists
preferred above all others and treated with partiality; "the favored child"
{i} preference; best loved person, best loved object; contestant considered to have the best chance of winning
In Microsoft Internet Explorer, a user-defined shortcut to a page on the World Wide Web, analogous to a bookmark in Netscape Navigator
A saved link to a website that is added to a list of saved links on Microsoft Internet Explorer You can simply click on the saved link to return to the site rather than having to retype the address when visiting the site again
Preferred one, one with special favor
A hyperlink that is saved in the favorites list You can use favorites to keep track of useful or important sites and to return there whenever you are using your browser See bookmark
Used to describe a page or address a user wishes to return to on a regular basis Microsoft Internet Explorer contains a feature called Find Favorites for organizing and saving frequently-accessed Web sites
In Internet Explorer, a favorite is a collection of Web addresses selected by the user Favorites are stored in a folder and are accessed by selecting the Favorites menu Favorites provide an easy way to organize the Web addresses of interesting sites
the American spelling of favourite
A saved link to a web page You can do this in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers This saves the URL of the page so you can quickly find it without typing the URL in the command line See Bookmark
The competitor (as a horse in a race) that is judged most likely to win; the competitor standing highest in the betting
Short curls dangling over the temples; fashionable in the reign of Charles II
A link to a page that you save because you think you are likely to revisit it Netscape Navigator and some other browsers use the term Bookmark for the same thing
a method to store a visited web site in a we browsers; a shortcut to a web site also see: Bookmark
alternative form of favor
An ezboard community that is marked by a registered user for easy future reference A Favorite can be created and accessed from the user's Control Center
a special loved one
The hand that is expected to win most often in a particular situation In hold'em, AA is always a pre-flop favorite If the flop is 775, the player with 75 is now a pretty big favorite I knew he was on the flush draw, so I figured I was still a favorite
Internet Explorer’s way of telling your Web browser to remember the address of the Web pages you visit often, so that you can return to them whenever you want
Same as Bookmark Used in MSIE and AOL
something regarded with special favor or liking; "that book is one of my favorites" appealing to the general public; "a favorite tourist attraction
A person or thing regarded with peculiar favor; one treated with partiality; one preferred above others; especially, one unduly loved, trusted, and enriched with favors by a person of high rank or authority
{s} preferred above others; liked or loved above others