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İngilizce - İngilizce
A game played with a reduced deck of 24 cards
To deceive
To defeat, in a game of euchre, the side that named the trump
To defeat or foil thoroughly in any scheme
a card game similar to ecarte; each player is dealt 5 cards and the player making trump must take 3 tricks to win a hand
{i} type of trick-taking card game (similar to ecarte) for two to four players, played with the 32 highest cards and its goal is to take three tricks to win a hand
{f} prevent another player from taking three tricks ((in euchre card game); get the better of a rival, gain an advantage over an opponent; outwit
A game at cards, that may be played by two, three, or four persons, the highest card (except when an extra card called the Joker is used) being the knave of the same suit as the trump, and called right bower, the lowest card used being the seven, or frequently, in two-handed euchre, the nine spot
plural of euchre