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İngilizce - İngilizce
The act of equalizing, or state of being equalized
XE "Equalization" -Adjusting the relative levels of  bands of frequencies to modify the frequency response of an audio signal or file (usually to make it smoother)
Used to change a recorded song's frequencies when playing back the music Commonly used to enhance different frequencies such as treble and bass in certain styles of music
Image-processing technique where the range of tones or colors in a file are expanded to produce a better image
The process of boosting or reducing the amplitude of particular sound frequencies All sounds are made up of an overall spectrum of frequencies that are simultaneously resonating Equalization is used to boost or reduce a range of frequencies within the full sound spectrum
boosting or cutting various frequencies in the spectrum of a sound
Compensation for frequency dependent attenuation in a comunications circuit
Equalization is a "supercharge" which is applied to the battery at intervals of from 2 to 8 weeks This charge voltage is about 10% higher than the normal float or trickle charge This ensures that the cells are all equally charged, and in flooded batteries makes sure that the electrolyte is fully mixed by the gas bubbles Gelled and sealed batteries in general should be equalized at a much lower rate than flooded - usually the final charge cycle on a 3-stage charger is sufficient to equalize all the cells
Adjusting the frequency response so that the levels of all frequencies are equal or the same Bass and treble controls are equalization controls
The application of a uniform percentage increase or decrease to assessed values of various areas or classes of property to bring assessment levels, on the average, to a uniform level of market value
(1) Procedure to compensate for fluctuation in circuit amplitude, delay or distortion and to produce a flat frequency response rate (2) In data communications, a compensation for the increase of attenuation within frequency
the act of making equal or uniform
  The maintenance of system transfer function characteristics within specified limits by modifying circuit parameters (188)  Note: Equalization includes modification of circuit parameters, such as resistance, inductance, or capacitance
The use of filters to alter the frequency response of a system Commonly arranged with fixed filter spacings of one octave, 1/3 octave, etc , or variable characteristics (see also filter and parametric equalizer)
The process of adjusting the tonal quality of a sound A graphic equalizer provides adjustment for a wide range of frequency bands, and is normally inserted in the signal path after the mixing desk, before the amplifier See Feedback
The tone controls on a soundboard
Monetary allowance to a customer for picking up or delivering cargo to or from a point which is not the origin/destination shown on the B/L
Sound is made up of many simultaneous vibrations at different frequencies An audio equalizer lets you separately adjust the volume of different bands (ranges of frequencies) to control the overall sound Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz); the higher the number, the higher-pitched the sound Some equalizers, like WebEQ, operate in real-time; other programs, such as Wave Creator, allow you to apply equalization to an effect after it's already been recorded
The process by which the Illinois Department of Revenue adjusts the total assessed value of property in each county to the statewide statutory assessment level of 33-1/3%
Shaping the tonal character of a sound by boosting and/or attenuating certain frequencies or frequency ranges
The process of changing a neighborhood's assessed value by applying a fixed formula
The process of bringing the assessed value of jurisdictions assessing at different levels to a common level, usually fair market value as of a given date
The electronic manipulation of specific frequencies
A compensation circuit built into some modems to offset distortion caused by the telephone channel
{i} act of making equal; act of making uniform
The raising or lowering of assessed values for tax purposes in a particular county or taxing district to make them equal to assessments in other counties or districts
  - State funding effort to provide funds to districts in an effort to minimize the revenue/FTES differences between districts based upon funds available for this purpose
The process of providing uniform aggregate assessments between townships and counties (see multiplier)
equalization fund
government fund that supplements the pay of army reserve soldiers
to render uniform
{v} to make or become equal, portion out, compare, recompense
histogram equalization
Histogram equalization is a method in image processing of contrast adjustment using the image's histogram
The act of changing the sonic properties of a track by cutting or boosting specific frequencies or ranges of frequences At the mixing or production stage you re-EQ a track (instrument) to make it fit in with the overall shape of the mix Back
Series of controls on the sound mixer for adjusting the tonal quality
alternative spelling of equalization
Sound Shaping
This is an adjustment which may be made if you have recently bought units in a unit trust The first distribution you receive may be split into two parts, a dividend distribution of the income earned by your units since the date of your purchase, and an equalisation payment equal the income earned by the units before them The equalisation payment is not part of your taxable income, but it should be deducted from the base cost of the units for capital gains tax purposes You may also receive an equalisation payment if you have acquired units in an open ended investment company (£IC)
A compensation circuit built into some modems to offset distortion caused by the telephone channel
Unit trusts hold a collection of shares and therefore receive a constant stream of dividend payments This income in normally only paid out to investors twice a year When a new investor buys into the fund part of his purchase is represented by accrued dividends At his or her first distribution payment, part of the sum will represent the return of capital equal to the accrued dividends This amount is regarded as capital, not income, and is called an equalisation payment Easy
the act of making equal or uniform
A process in which the frequency characteristic of an audio signal is changed by increasing (boosting) or decreasing (cutting) the amplitude of certain frequency ranges in relation to others Equalisation devices or "Equalisers" exist in many forms They can be integrated with other types of audio equipment, or they can be separate signal processing devices An Equaliser can work on analogue or digital audio Equalisation can be applied to a signal in real time (while the signal is travelling through the signal path) or be applied to digitised audio data by using DSP techniques
An image processing algorithm which redistributes the frequency of image pixel values so that any given continuous range of values is equally represented An equalized image has the same number of pixels in the range from 10-20 as it does from 200-210 However, since digital images have quantized intensity values, the range totals are rarely identical but usually close
{f} make equal; make uniform, become equal (also equalise)
To make equal; to cause to correspond, or be like, in amount or degree as compared; as, to equalize accounts, burdens, or taxes
To make equal
make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching; "let's equalize the duties among all employees in this office"; "The company matched the discount policy of its competitors"
In sports such as football, if a player equalizes, he or she scores a goal that makes the scores of the two teams equal. Keegan equalized with only 16 minutes remaining They showed little sign of equalising the Portsmouth striker's glorious 55th-minute shot
Cars in superspeedway races are required to run tires with both inner tubes and inner liners, which are actually small tires inside the standard tires When the inner liner loses air pressure and that pressure becomes the same as that within the outer tire, the tire is said to have equalized and a vibration is created
Cars in superspeedway races are required to run tires with both inner tubes and "inner liners" which are actually small tires inside the standard tires When the inner liner loses air pressure and that pressure becomes the same as that within the outer tire, the tire is said to have equalized and a vibration is created
compensate; make the score equal
equal·ize equalizes equalizing equalized in BRIT, also use equalise1. To equalize a situation means to give everyone the same rights or opportunities, for example in education, wealth, or social status. Such measures are needed to equalize wage rates between countries. + equalization equali·za·tion the equalization of parenting responsibilities between men and women
To pronounce equal; to compare as equal
To be equal to; equal; to match
tax equalization reserve
financial reserve intended for paying taxes that have not yet been collected (Accounting)
woman`s rights equalization law
law that declares that discriminating against women is illegal



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    /ˌēkwələˈzāsʜən/ /ˌiːkwəlɪˈzeɪʃən/


    [ 'E-kw&-"lIz ] (verb.) 1622. equal + -ization


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