yes man

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English - Turkish
"Evet efendim!" ci
evet efendimci
evet efendimci
English - English
A person who always agrees with his employer or superior

Rice is a yes man, says one former top government official. She thinks her job is just to figure out what the president is trying to say and then to say it more articulately..

person who agrees to everything, person who works to please others
One who slavishly agrees with a superior
Alternative spelling of yes man
his yes man
person who always agrees and never criticizes him
yes and no man
hesitater, indecisive person
disapproval If you describe a man as a yes-man, you dislike the fact that he seems always to agree with people who have authority over him, in order to gain favour. yes-men someone who always agrees with and obeys their employer, leader etc in order to gain some advantage - used to show disapproval
yes man