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English - Turkish
{i} dere
Uğurlar olsun! Güle güle Sağlıcakla kalın!
{i} diyar
bayan kat görevlisi
Vale of Tears

Müziksiz dünya çile dünyasıdır. - Without music the world is a vale of tears.

the Vale of Kashmir
Keşmir Vadisi
English - English

Vale - Sarah Smith.

A valley
level or low land between hills
{n} a valley, low ground, kind of trough
{i} valley; earthly life; farewell, expression of good wishes at parting
{ü} (Latin) goodbye, bye, so long
a long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river
A vale is a valley. a small vale, sheltering under mist-shrouded hills. A valley, often coursed by a stream; a dale. Taff Vale case Tempe Vale of White Horse Vale of the
A tract of low ground, or of land between hills; a valley
See 2d Vail, 3
Vale of Tempe
The ancient name of a gorge in northern Thessaly, Greece, located between Olympus to the north and Ossa to the south
vale of tears
A symbolic "valley of tears"; meaning the world and the sorrows felt through life. Similar to the Old Testament Psalm 23's reference to the "valley of the shadow of death", the phrase implies that sadness is part of the physical world (i.e. part of human experience)
Vale of Evesham
{i} area in southern Worcestershire (England)
Vale of Tears
place of suffering; battle site on the Golan Heights
Vale of Tempe
Greek Témbi Narrow valley between Mount Olympus and Mount Ossa, northeastern Thessaly, Greece. The Pinios River flows through the 6-mi (10-km) valley before emptying into the Aegean Sea. The ancient Greeks dedicated Tempe to the cult of Apollo. Legends attribute its formation to a blow from Poseidon's trident; however, geologists believe it was carved by stream action. Because it provides access from the coast of Greece to the Thessalian plain, it has been a traditional invasion route. Ruins of castles and fortifications, from the Roman period to the Middle Ages, mark its strong points
Vale of the White Horse
Valley, Oxfordshire, England. It is named for the White Horse, a gigantic (374 ft [114 m] long) prehistoric figure of a horse formed by cutting away the turf on the side of a chalk hill. A number of other prehistoric remains are in the vicinity, including the megalith known as Wayland's Smithy. Wantage, an ancient market town in the valley, is said to be the birthplace of Alfred the Great
Taff Vale case
(1900-01) Successful trial in Britain of a suit brought by the Taff Vale Railway Company against the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants (ASRS). In August 1900 the ASRS struck for higher wages but settled within two weeks when the company used strikebreakers. The company sued the union for violating the Protection of Property Act, and the courts held that a union could be sued for damages caused by a strike, effectively eliminating the strike as a weapon of organized labour. Opposition to the decision spurred the growth of the Labour Party and led to the passage of the Trade Disputes Act of 1906, which nullified the decision's effect
plural of vale
Turkish - English
jack, knave oğlan, bacak
playing cards jack, knave

I've got the jack of hearts. - Bende kupa valesi var.

I have the jack of spades. - Benim maça valem var.

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    Turkish pronunciation







    /ˈvāl/ /ˈveɪl/


    [ 'vA(&)l ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English, from Old French val (“valley”), from Latin vallis, valles

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