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{s} anlaşılmamış
English - English
Not explained. Of unknown cause or origin
{s} not explained
not explained; "accomplished by some unexplained process
not explained; "accomplished by some unexplained process"
having the reason or cause not made clear; "an unexplained error"
If you describe something as unexplained, you mean that the reason for it or cause of it is unclear or is not known. The demonstrations were provoked by the unexplained death of an opposition leader Soon after leaving Margate, for some unexplained reason, the train was brought to a standstill. something that is unexplained is something you cannot understand because you do not know the reason for it
unexplained variance
Residual variance or unexplained variance is part of the variance of any residual. The other part is explained variance. In analysis of variance and regression analysis, residual variance is that part of the variance which cannot be attributed to specific causes. The unexplained variance can be divided into two parts. First, the part related to random, everyday, normal, free will differences in a population or sample. Among any aggregation of data these conditions equal out. Second, the part that comes from some condition that has not be identified, but that is systematic. That part introduces a bias and if not identified can lead to a false conclusion



    Turkish pronunciation



    /ˌənəkˈsplānd/ /ˌʌnɪkˈspleɪnd/


    (prefix.) Middle English, from Old English un-, on-, alteration of and- against; more at ANTE-.

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