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English - Turkish
Vampir, zombi gibi aslında ölü ama hareket edebilen kurgusal varlık
olduğu halde canlı gibi hareket eden varlıkların genel adı. Bunlar hayalet gibi ruhsal veya vampir, zombi gibi bedensel varlıklar da olabilir ve fantezi ve korku öğeleri içeren masal, roman veya filmlerde geçmektedir
English - English
Pertaining to a corpse, though having qualities of life
Being animate, though non-living
Those creatures which are dead yet still moving

Innocent VIII lent credibility to the actual existence of undeads, an action that perpetuated, and even stimulated, vampire hysteria.

(of a fictional being, especially a vampire) technically dead but still animate
Collective name for beings that are dead but behave as if alive. They may be spiritual, such as ghosts, or corporeal, such as vampires and zombies. They are featured in fictions, especially fantasy and horror
term used to describe the reanimated bodies or the spirits of the dead living on earth
Monsters brought back from death to a cruel mockery of life Some of them are mindless drones, others are conscious and cunning, but all of them lack a soul For example, zombies, skeletons and vampires, are undead
An undead object is an object that cannot be proven to be dead by the garbage collector, but whose liveness is dubious For example, an ambiguous reference to an object on a page may mark the entire page as reachable No further data is collected about that page The other objects on the page will survive, even though their reachability has not been determined They are undead