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English - Turkish
1. (Geology) A surface of contact between two groups of unconformable strata. 2 The condition of being unconformable
(Jeoloji) Hareketli katmanlar arasındaki temas yüzeyi
(isim) uyumsuzluk
angular unconformity
açısal uyumsuzluk
angular unconformity
(Coğrafya,Teknik) açısal diskordans
nonangular unconformity
açısal-olmayan uyumsuzluk
surface of unconformity
uyumsuzluk yüzeyi
English - English
A lack of conformity
A gap in time in rock strata, where erosion occurs while deposition slows or stops
{n} want of conformity
The relationship where the younger upper strata do not follow the dip and strike of older underlying strata
A surface of erosion which separates older sediment from younger sediment Compare nonconformity
Large gap in the rock record, typically represented by a surface that bounds two rock or sediment bodies of vastly different ages
The contact between older rocks and younger sedimentary rocks in which at least some erosion has removed some of the older rocks before deposition of the younger An angular unconformity shows that the older rocks have been deformed and eroded before the younger sedimentary rocks were deposited; there is an angle between the beds of the older and the younger
n a surface of erosion where rocks are missing from the rock record
Want of conformity; incongruity; inconsistency
A break in the sequence of sedimentary strata Often the unconformity surface is the result of erosion
Any interruption of the continuity of a depositional sequence
A buried erosion surface separating two rock masses
A break or gap in the geologic record, such as an interruption in the normal sequence of deposition of sedimentary rocks, or a break between eroded metamorphic rocks and younger sedimentary rocks
A time break in a depositional sequence
The surface that separates two sedimentary sequences of different ages; it represents a gap in the geological record when there was erosion and/or no deposition There is often an angular discordance between the two sequences
A discontinuity in the succession of rocks, containing a gap in the geologic record A buried erosion surface See also nonconformity
Is when two rocks of different ages are side by side
A gap in the rock record caused by missing rock layers that were either eroded away deposited
A gap or break in the stratigraphic sequence due to either nondeposition or erosion
{i} nonconformity, lack of accordance with general standards; lack of continuity between strata of sediment (indicating that the rate of deposition was not constant)
a surface of erosion or non-deposition that separates younger strata from older rocks This usually occur during periods of uplift or falls in sea level
Want of parallelism between strata in contact
a break or gap in the geologic record, as recorded in adjacent rocks
A break or gap in the geologic record, such as an interruption in the normal sequence of deposition of sedimentary rocks Bangs Field Trip