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The position or office of being a trustee
any receivership, trusteeship, or other method of supervision or control whereby a labor organization suspends the autonomy otherwise available to a subordinate under its constitution or bylaws
The office or duty of a trustee
a dependent country; administered by another country under the supervision of the United Nations
{i} office of trustee, function of a person granted custodianship over property not belonging to him, duty of one who is appointed to administer an institution; supervision over trust territories by appointed countries or by the United Nations (Law)
If a parent organization-national or international union-is unhappy with the leadership of one of its locals, it will install a trustee to take over the local union's affairs, including its treasury
the administration by a nation of a trust territory, approved by the UN, usually with the idea that the trust territory will be developed toward self-government or independence
trusteeship council
a permanent council of the United Nations that commissions a country (or countries) to undertake the administration of a territory
United Nations Trusteeship Council
One of the main organs of the UN, composed of the five permanent members of the Security Council. It supervised the administration of trust (non-self-governing) territories, including former colonies in Africa and the Pacific. The council's job was to send inspection missions to the territories, examine petitions, review reports, and make recommendations. It suspended operations after the last trust territory, Palau, gained its sovereignty in 1994
plural of trusteeship



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