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English - Turkish
{i} kıl
{i} diken
bitki kabuğunun iç zarından çıkan şey
{i} pul
English - English
A hair- or scale-like extension of the epidermis of a plant
A row of cells formed by successive cell divisions
Hairlike structures found in some microscopic organisms and algae
A hair-like outgrowth
The sporangia of ferns are believed to be of the nature of trichomes
A cellular extension on the surface of a plant
A hair on the surface of leaf or stem, or any modification of a hair, as a minute scale, or star, or gland
Single- or many-celled outgrowth from the epidermis of a plant A plant hair
A simple or brached hair on the surface or margin of a plant body
A specialized scale on members of the Bromeliaceae made up of dead cells that aids water absorption from the atmosphere
A hair or hair like gland on the surface or a structure such as a leaf or stem
an outgrowth from an epidermis; a hair or scale which may be unicellular or multicellular, branched or unbranched, secretory, absorbing or non-functional
{i} growth of hair on plants; type of microorganism made of strands of filamentous cells
plural of trichome





    [ 'tri-"kOm, 'trI- ] (noun.) 1875. German Trichom, from Greek trichOma growth of hair, from trichoun to cover with hair, from trich-, thrix hair.

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