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narrow gauge track
(Denizbilim) darhat demiryolu
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The distance between the internal sides of rails on a railway line It is generally 1 435 m Other gauges are generally used in some European countries: for instance, 1 676 m in Spain and Portugal, 1 524 m in the Russian Federation
The tracks are built on a tie and ballast track structure The rails are fastened to the ties a distance of 1 435 millimeters apart measured from the inside face of one rail to the inside face of the other rail
The distance between the centers of the running rails A wood coaster guage is usually 42-44 inches, and a steel coaster is approx 27 5 inches up to 47 5 inches, on the 4-abreast models
The distance between the inner faces of the rail of a railway track In Australia the main gauges are broad, narrow and standard
track gauge