too much

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English - Turkish
çok fazla

Çok fazla içmek seni hasta edecek. - Too much drinking will make you sick.

Çok fazla dondurma ve spagetti yememelisin. - You must not eat too much ice-cream and spaghetti.

gırla gitmek
fazla gelmek
çok gelmek
çok fazla miktarda

Mary aşırı makyaj yapıyor. - Mary wears too much makeup.

fazla: You've given me too much change. Bana fazla para verdin. Don't eat too much. Fazla yeme. They praise him too much. Onu fazla övüyorlar
çok pahalı
pek çok

Endüstrileşmiş ülkelerdeki pek çok çocuk çok fazla şeker yemesi nedeniyle çok şişman. - Lots of children in industrialised countries are too fat because they eat too much candy.

too much money
çok para
too much for
için çok fazla

Bu görev benim için çok fazla. - This task is too much for me.

Bu araba için çok fazla istiyorsun. - You are asking too much for this car.

too much sweet
aşırı tatlı
too much of a good thing
(deyim) bu kadari da biraz cok,her seyin cogu cok
too much of a good thing
pes doğrusu
too much of a good thing
bu kadarı da biraz çok
consider to be too much
çok görmek
seem too much
çok gelmek
gereğinden fazla
enlarge too much
Fazla Ayrıntı
get too much nosepaint
çok nosepaint olsun
have had a drop too much
çok fazla bir düşüş oldu
have too much tongue
Çok fazla konuşmak
he is too much for me
O çok benim için
much too much
daha fazla
not too much soda
çok fazla soda
stretch too much
germek çok fazla
take too much for granted
kabul için çok fazla almak
to have too much to do
çok şey var
way too much
çok fazla
way too much
Haddinden fazla miktarda
be too much for
için çok zor olmak, -in gücünü aşmak: These stairs are too much for an old man. Yaşlı bir adamın bu merdivenleri çıkması çok zor
be too much for
gücünü aşmak
be too much for
için çok zor olmak
does this weigh too much
bu çok mu ağır
far too much
çok fazla

O çok fazla bira içer. - He drinks far too much beer.

Çok fazla sigara içiyorsun. Azaltmalısın. - You smoke far too much. You should cut back.

çok fazla
z. gereğinden fazla
pek çok
prove too much
(deyim) birinden ustun olmak
prove too much
(deyim) be/prove(a bit) too much (for someone)
prove too much
(deyim) idaresi cok zor olmak
put too much stress on
(bir yapıdaki eleman) -e fazla yük olmak/bindirmek
put too much stress on
-i fazlasıyla vurgulamak
spend too much
fazla harcama yapmak
this is way too much
bu kadarı da fazla
to be too much
fazla gelmek
walk off too much drink
ayılmak için dolaşmak
walk off too much drink
dolaşarak ayılmaya çalışmak
you all play too much
hepiniz çok şakacısınız
you have too much carry on baggage
yanınızda taşımak için çok fazla şey almışsınız
English - English
An expression of satisfaction

Too much, man! That was great!.


You talk too much.

A quantity which is excessive to the point of being inappropriate, harmful, or overwhelming

You expect too much from your employees.

Excessive to the point of being inappropriate, harmful, or overwhelming

You ate too much cake at the party, and that's why you feel sick.

more than necessary; "she eats too much"; "let's not blame them overmuch"
being excessive or unreasonable; "the clothes she wears are a bit much"; "in retrospect the elaborate preparations seemed de trop"; "this is entirely too much!"
more than enough, extra, more than adequate
too much information
An expression indicating that someone has revealed information that is too personal and made the listener or reader uncomfortable
too much of a good thing
Something enjoyable or beneficial which, nevertheless, becomes bothersome or harmful in large quantities or over an extended period of time

Household chemicals are about as personal as modern science gets. We are surrounded by hundreds of them every day — they're in our furnishings, our cosmetics, our vinyl floor tiles and plastic baby bottles. . . . Are they too much of a good thing?.

too much for him
beyond his powers
the lady doth protest too much
It is suspected that, because someone is insisting too much about something, the opposite of what he or she is saying must be true

In all Penelope's devotion to her husband there is an ever present sense that the lady doth protest too much.

think too much
To associate something with a taboo topic such as sex and profanity

For French today, we will learn the word douche - now, don't think too much!.

think too much
To think over a problem in a complex way where the solution is simple
a little too much
slightly exaggerated
drank too much
became intoxicated, got drunk
this is too much!
that's enough!, no more!
too much

    Turkish pronunciation

    tu mʌç


    /ˈto͞o ˈməʧ/ /ˈtuː ˈmʌʧ/


    [ 'tü ] (adverb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tO to, too; more at TO.


    ... They have too much of a public good. ...
    ... a wealthy man, it would cost too much to summarize this calculus that I've invented and to work ...

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