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English - Turkish
{k} -i katmak, -i eklemek, -i ilave etmek. throw in one's lot with k.dili. -e katılmak: He decided to throw in his lot with their party. Onların partisine katılmaya karar verdi
ilave etmek
bedavadan katmak
ilave et
verginsiz sağlamak
k. dili -i katmak, -i eklemek, -i ilave etmek
birbirine geçirmek (dişli vb.)
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- içeri atmak 2- caba olarak vermek 3- meydan okumak
cabası olarak vermek
dahil etmek
(deyim) throw in the towel [kd] yenilgiyi kabullenmek,pes demek
topu oyuna sokma
(Spor) taç atışı
ilave et
English - English
To add something extra free of charge

If you take the large size, we'll throw in a set of tea towels.

Alternative spelling of throw-in
If you throw in a remark when having a conversation, you add it in a casual or unexpected way. Occasionally Farling threw in a question. = toss in
add as an extra or as a gratuity
give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat; "In the second round, the challenger gave up"
add in something for free, give something free of charge, put in a good word
If a person who is selling something throws in something extra, they give you the extra thing and only ask you to pay for the first thing. Pay £4.80 for larger prints and they throw in a free photo album They were offering me a weekend break in Paris -- with free beer thrown in. = include
to insert between other elements; "She interjected clever remarks"
the start time of a Gaelic football match, comparable to kick off in other games
A throw of the ball back into play by the boundary umpire. The umpire faces away from the players and throws it in over his or her shoulder (so as to clearly not favour either side by where exactly it's thrown)
A set-piece where the ball is thrown back into play
Method of returning the ball to play after it has gone over the sideline and was last touched by an opponent
A method of putting the ball into play after it has gone out of bounds; after a score, a violation, or a personal foul for which no free throws are awarded; or at the beginning of a period, in some cases The player making the throw-in has five seconds to pass the ball inbounds
the method by which a team with possession inbounds the ball
a two-handed overhead throw used to put the ball back in to play after it has gone out of bounds
A technique returning the ball in play when it leaves the field over the touchlines The player must have both hands on the ball, throw over his head while keeping both feet on the ground
(rugby) an act or instance of throwing a ball in to put it into play
The method of restarting play when the ball has crossed the touchlines; a throw-in is awarded to the opposing side of the team which knocked the ball out of play
How play is resumed after the ball goes into touch
                     After a ball goes out of bounds over the side line, the team that didn't kick it out gets the ball   Any player can go and get the ball and "throw it in"   The throw-in in soccer has to be done in a specific manner   The person "throwing-in" must have both feet on the ground, face the field of play and throw the ball with both hands directly over their head   The ball is in play as soon as it crosses the sideline   The person throwing the ball in cannot touch the ball until it has touched another player    In this league, it is almost never a good idea to throw the ball toward your own goal
A throw from a player on the sideline into the field of play that is granted after the ball goes out over the sideline
A throw from the side of the court to restart play after the ball has gone over the sidelines
A chukker begins and many plays resume with the umpire bowling the ball between the two ready teams
Used to bring the ball back into court when it has gone out of play
When there is a throw-in in a football or rugby match, the ball is thrown back onto the field after it has been kicked off it. an action in which someone throws the ball back onto the field in a game of football
The method of putting the ball back into play after it has gone out-of-bounds over the touchline A member of the team opposing the team that last touched the ball must throw it onto the field from over his head, using both hands and keeping a part of each foot on the ground either behind or on the touchline The ball is thrown in from the point where it went out-of-bounds A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in
A method of restarting play after the ball has traveled outside the touchlines The ball must be held with two hands and released directly over the head while both feet are touching the ground
An action taken when a player sends the ball out of bounds over the sideline, or touch line An opposing player throws the ball in from out of bounds, the only time she is allowed to handle the ball with her hands
A chukker begins and resumes with the umpire bowling the ball between the two teams after they have lined up and are ready to play
a type of restart where a player throws the ball from behind his head with two hands while standing with both feet on the ground behind a sideline; taken by a player opposite the team that last touched the ball before it went out of bounds across a sideline
The game is started with a throw-in, whereby the ball is literally thrown in between the lined up teams by the umpire
A tossing of the ball, by the umpire, between the lined up teams Starts the game and is how play resumes after each score
throw in

    Turkish pronunciation

    thrō în


    /ˈᴛʜrō ən/ /ˈθroʊ ɪn/


    [ 'thrO ] (verb.) 14th century. Middle English thrawen, throwen to cause to twist, throw, from Old English thrAwan to cause to twist or turn; akin to Old High German drAen to turn, Latin terere to rub, Greek tribein to rub, tetrainein to bore, pierce.

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