teşhis bilimi

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Turkish - English
The process of determining the state of or capability of a component to perform its function(s)
plural form of diagnostic
The process of identifying the cause or nature of a condition or situation Most cars have computer diagnostic systems that help the technician to determine corrective repairs
A method of identifying faulty components or parameters For example, a series of LED lights may be used to identify specific ABS components that need to be serviced or corrected
the branch of medical science dealing with the classification of disease
= The process of detecting faults and isolating their causes, using hardware, software, and other documented means
That part of medicine which has to do with ascertaining the nature of diseases by means of their symptoms or signs
substances which determine whether or not a specified disease or disease process is present in a living organism
plural of diagnostic
Tests to check the correct operation of hardware and software
serving to identify a particular disease, pathogen, or hazard
The process of identifying or determining the nature and circumstances of an existing condition
The exploration the repair facility administers to certain parts of your vehicle to determine the necessary repairs needed for your vehicle to be operable
Programs used to locate and diagnose hardware or software problems
As used in this Guide, measures or indicators used to identify problems or defects in strategies, processes or products before they are unveiled or released publicly; indicators for the internal rather than external uses by a central follow-up entity and its partner agencies In MIS contect, tools and procedures used to identify problems in hardware, software, operating systems, etc (See also Evaluation, Formative )
{i} science of identifying disease through signs and symptoms
The process of identifying and determining the condition of a given set of values
teşhis bilimi