tasvir et mek

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Turkish - English
To provide a book or other publication with pictures, diagrams or other explanatory or decorative features
To shed light upon; to illuminate
To make clear, intelligible, or apprehensible; to elucidate, explain, or exemplify, as by means of figures, comparisons, and examples
to make clear by giving or by serving as an example or instance This word is almost always used when the questioner is looking for examples
If you say that something illustrates a situation that you are drawing attention to, you mean that it shows that the situation exists. The example of the United States illustrates this point The incident graphically illustrates how parlous their position is The case also illustrates that some women are now trying to fight back. = demonstrate
To set in a clear light; to exhibit distinctly or conspicuously
- Use examples to help explain your answer, and if possible present a diagram, picture or small drawing However usually requires more than making a drawing E g illustrate the use of catapults in a battle
illustrate a book with drawings depict with an illustration
To create designs and pictures for books, magazines, or other print or electronic media to make clear or explain the text or show what happens in a story
To exemplify, to explain, to adorn
e g , illustrate a book with drawings
To clarify something by giving, or serving as, an example or a comparison
If you illustrate a book, you put pictures, photographs or diagrams into it. She went on to art school and is now illustrating a book He has illustrated the book with black-and-white photographs. + illustrated il·lus·trat·ed The book is beautifully illustrated throughout. + illustration il·lus·tra·tion the world of children's book illustration
If you use an example, story, or diagram to illustrate a point, you use it show that what you are saying is true or to make your meaning clearer. Let me give another example to illustrate this difficult point Throughout, she illustrates her analysis with excerpts from discussions. + illustration il·lus·tra·tion Here, by way of illustration, are some extracts from our new catalogue
A question which asks you to illustrate usually requires you to explain or clarify your answer to the problem by presenting a figure, picture, diagram, or concrete example
{f} demonstrate, exemplify; clarify; embellish, depict with pictures or words; elucidate
To adorn with pictures, as a book or a subject; to elucidate with pictures, as a history or a romance
To make clear, bright, or luminous
tasvir et mek