tail off

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English - Turkish
gittikçe azalmak
kötüye gitmek
azalmak; azalarak kaybolmak; azalarak sona ermek; yavaş yavaş kaybolmak: The sound of their voices tailed off in the woods around them
tail off/away
kötüye gitmek, azalmak, düşmek, zayıflamak
get off s.o.'s tail
{k} birini rahat bırakmak
work one's tail off
çok sıkı çalışmak
English - English
to gradually subside or diminish; to tail away
When something tails off, it gradually becomes less in amount or value, often before coming to an end completely. Last year, economic growth tailed off to below four percent see also tail away
{f} tail away, diminish gradually, wane, subside gradually, fade
work one's tail off
Work excessively or to the point of exhaustion
work someone's tail off
To cause someone to work hard, eg, as a supervisor
angle off tail
angle between the flight path of an attack airplane and its airborne target, AOT
tail off